Gyan Museum

Embark on a virtual journey through the corridors of Gyan Museum to foster your love for the things vintage, archaic, and cultural in a very comprehensive and elaborate manner. Displaying a massive collection of antique and modern jewelry, textiles, and precious stones, Gyan Museum is definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Jaipur.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 11 am to 6:30 pm (closed on Sundays)

Location: Gem Plaza, G-1/21-23, Gems and Jewelry Zone, EPIP, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Entry Fees: Free

About the Museum

If you are in Jaipur and looking for an art museum, then the Gyan Museum is a must-see place of attraction in the culturally rich and royal city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Established by Suresh Dhaddha and Arun Dhaddha in 2015 as a tribute to their father late Mr. Gyan Chand Dhaddha, a naturalist, collector, and gemologist, the Gyan Museum is a rich collection of artifacts and assortments that offers a rare insight into history as seen by him through the objects he collected.

The Gyan Museum houses over 2500 invaluable items which Mr. Gyan Chand collected during his lifetime including textiles, paintings, antique jewelry, vintage spectacles, rare inscriptions, and object d’art from around the world that date back over 3000 years. Being the first private museum in Jaipur with such an extensive range of antique jewels, the Gyan Museum houses exhibits from different parts of the world that are a microcosm of the diverse and vibrant world we live in. The museum has articles under the wide-ranging category of jewels, antiques, textiles, numismatics, and philatelic that were amassed by Gyan Chand. His ability to select the best of the best out of many gave birth to an impressive and fascinating assortment such as an exquisitely embroidered 19th-century shawl that belongs to a Maharaja, an 18th-century painted illustration of goddess Lakshmi, a 17th-century Mughal turban sarpesh with carved emeralds, etc.

The highlight of the museum is a sparkling collection of antique and precious jewelry and stones that comprises bangles, earrings, hair and cloth accessory, anklets, neckpieces, etc., that reflect the traditional ways of wearing jewelry in India as well as offers information to track the evolution of jewelry designs over time. The traditional ‘Kundan’ and ‘Meenakari’ techniques are displayed in a separate section that includes rings, brooches, stunning gold necklaces, chokers, and hairpieces that resemble ornate pendants worn on the left side of the head. The museum was designed by a French designer Paul Mathieu who gave the art forms their own space and split the collection into several sections offering the visitors a comprehensive way of gaining insight into the ancient as well as the contemporary jewelry styles and their evolution. Inside the museum, there are some hidden rooms and a completely separate gallery which houses personal items and photographs belonging to Gyan Chand Dhaddha.

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