Jalna is an ancient city in Maharashtra, India, known for its historical importance and cultural heritage. Surrounded by lush greenery in the Marathwada region, Jalna has a rich past, as it was once part of the powerful Mauryan and Satavahana empires. The city proudly displays remnants of its magnificent architecture. Additionally, Jalna is renowned for its thriving agricultural sector, focusing on the production of crops like cotton and soybeans. With its welcoming atmosphere, vibrant traditions, and natural beauty, Jalna is a captivating place for tourists and a beloved home for its residents.


The culture of Jalna is a vibrant tapestry woven with rich traditions, customs, and values. People in Jalna celebrate various festivals with great enthusiasm, such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, where the streets come alive with colorful decorations and joyful gatherings. The city's cultural heritage is reflected in its music, dance, and art forms, with folk dances like Lavani and Koli capturing the essence of the region. The locals take pride in their traditional attire, such as sarees and dhotis, and traditional cuisine, known for its spicy flavors and authentic Maharashtrian dishes. Respect for elders and close-knit family ties are deeply ingrained in the culture, fostering a sense of unity and togetherness. Overall, the culture of Jalna is a beautiful blend of tradition, community, and celebration, creating a unique and vibrant identity for the city and its people. In addition to its traditional roots, Jalna's culture also embraces modern influences, creating a dynamic and evolving community. Educational institutions and cultural centers play a vital role in nurturing the arts and providing platforms for talent to flourish. The city's residents actively participate in social and community-driven initiatives, fostering a spirit of unity and social welfare.


  • Jamb Samarth – Jamb Samarth is a significant pilgrimage site located in Jalna. It is believed to be the birthplace of the great Marathi saint Samarth Ramdas, who was a spiritual guru and philosopher. The place holds historical and religious importance, attracting devotees and followers.
  • KaliMasjid – Kali Masjid is a prominent mosque located in Jalna, known for its beautiful architecture and intricate artwork. It is an important religious site for the Muslim community and a serene place to visit for its architectural grandeur.
  • Jama Masjid – Jama Masjid is another significant mosque in Jalna that stands as a symbol of religious harmony. The mosque showcases remarkable Islamic architecture and serves as a place of worship for the local Muslim community.
  • Fort of Jalna – The Fort of Jalna is a historical landmark that stands as a testament to the city's glorious past. Though in ruins, it reflects the architectural brilliance of its time. Exploring the fort offers a glimpse into the history of the region.
  • Kali Mata Temple– Kali Mata Temple is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Kali. It attracts devotees who seek blessings and spiritual solace. The temple is known for its vibrant festivals and is a center of religious and cultural activities.
  • Khandoba Temple– Khandoba Temple is dedicated to Lord Khandoba, a revered deity in Maharashtra. It is a place of worship and devotion, drawing a large number of devotees during auspicious occasions and festivals.
  • Dnyaneshwar Garden– Dnyaneshwar Garden is a beautiful park in Jalna named after the famous Marathi saint, Dnyaneshwar. The park is a serene and well-maintained space with lush greenery, making it an ideal spot for leisurely walks and relaxation.

Things to do

  • Explore the Historical Sites – Visit the Fort of Jalna and immerse yourself in its ancient architecture and historical significance. Discover the intriguing ruins and imagine the stories that the fort holds. Additionally, explore the Kali Masjid and Jama Masjid, appreciating their beautiful designs and spiritual ambiance.
  • Visit Religious Places – Pay a visit to the Kali Mata Temple and Khandoba Temple to experience religious fervor and seek blessings. Take part in the rituals and immerse yourself in the devotional atmosphere.
  • Explore Local Markets – Stroll through the bustling markets of Jalna and immerse yourself in the local culture. Indulge in shopping for traditional handicrafts, textiles, and other locally made products. Don't forget to savor the local cuisine and street food, experiencing the flavors of Maharashtra.
  • Visit Jamb Samarth – Pay homage to the birthplace of the renowned saint, Samarth Ramdas, at Jamb Samarth. Learn about his teachings and philosophy while experiencing the spiritual atmosphere of the place.



  • Bhavani Market – Bhavani Market is a bustling market in Jalna, known for its vibrant atmosphere and wide range of products. You can find clothing, accessories, household items, electronics, and other everyday essentials here. It's a great place to explore and shop for local goods.
  • Gandhi Market – Gandhi Market is another popular shopping destination in Jalna. It offers a variety of items, including fresh fruits, vegetables, spices, and groceries. You can also find shops selling garments, footwear, and household items. It's a bustling market where you can experience the local trading culture.
  • Shahu Market – Shahu Market is a well-known market in Jalna, specializing in clothing and textiles. Here, you can find a wide range of traditional and contemporary clothing options, including sarees, salwar suits, shirts, and more. It's a go-to place for those looking to purchase local garments.
  • Main Road Market – The Main Road Market in Jalna is a vibrant marketplace where you can find a mix of shops and street vendors. Here, you can browse through a variety of items, including clothing, accessories, footwear, household items, and electronics. It's a lively place to explore and shop for local products.
  • Chhatarpura Market – Chhatarpura Market is known for its selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. It's a wholesale market where you can find a wide variety of seasonal produce at reasonable prices. It's a great place for those who want to buy fresh and locally sourced fruits and vegetables.


  • Jowar Roti– Jowar roti is another type of bread made from jowar (sorghum) flour. It is a healthier alternative to wheat rotis and is often enjoyed with spicy curries or lentil preparations.
  • TambdaRassa– TambdaRassa is a rich and spicy red curry made with mutton or chicken. It is known for its robust flavors and is usually enjoyed with bhakri or rice.
  • PatodiRassa– PatodiRassa is a traditional dish made with gram flour (besan) and spices. The gram flour mixture is steamed and then cooked in a flavorful curry made with onions, tomatoes, and spices.
  • Bhakri– Bhakri is a staple food in Jalna and is made from millet or sorghum flour. It is a thick, flatbread that is typically roasted on a tawa (griddle) and served with various curries, lentils, or chutneys.
  • Zunka– Zunka is a popular dish made from besan (gram flour) and spices. It is a dry preparation that is often enjoyed with bhakri or chapati. Zunka can be made with various vegetables like onions, capsicum, or drumsticks.
  • Shev Bhaji– Shev Bhaji is a savory curry made with besan (gram flour) noodles called shev. The shev noodles are cooked in a spicy and tangy tomato-based curry, resulting in a flavorful dish.


  • Local Eateries and Dhabas – Look out for local eateries and dhabas (roadside food stalls) that serve delicious and affordable Maharashtrian dishes. These establishments often offer regional specialties and local flavors.
  • Thali Restaurants – Thali restaurants are popular in Maharashtra, and you can likely find a few in Jalna as well. These restaurants serve a wholesome meal consisting of various dishes served on a large platter, allowing you to taste a variety of flavors.
  • Sweet Shops – Jalna may have local sweet shops where you can indulge in traditional Maharashtrian sweets like modak, puran poli, and various other mouthwatering treats. These shops often offer a wide range of traditional sweets and desserts.
  • Street Food Stalls – Explore the bustling streets of Jalna and look out for street food stalls that offer local snacks like batata vada, pav bhaji, bhel puri, and more. These stalls provide a taste of the city's vibrant street food culture.


  • Budget Hotels – Look out for budget-friendly hotels that offer basic amenities and comfortable accommodations at affordable prices. These hotels are often located in central areas and cater to the needs of budget-conscious travelers.
  • Mid-Range Hotels – Jalna may have mid-range hotels that provide comfortable rooms, additional amenities such as on-site restaurants, room service, and Wi-Fi. These hotels offer a balance between affordability and added comfort.
  • Business Hotels – For business travelers, Jalna may have hotels that cater specifically to their needs, offering amenities like conference rooms, business centers, and other facilities required for business purposes.
  • Local Guesthouses – In addition to hotels, there may be local guesthouses or lodges in Jalna that provide simple and affordable accommodations for short stays.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Jalna is during the winter and early spring months, from October to March. During this period, the weather in Jalna is pleasant and comfortable, with temperatures ranging from around 15°C to 30°C. The humidity is relatively low, making it an ideal time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

How to Reach

  • By Air: The nearest airport in Jalna is Aurangabad Airport situated at a distance of 54 km.
  • By Train: Nearest Railway station is situated at a distance of 1.4 km from Jalna.
  • By Road: The Nearest Bus Stand is located at a distance of 2.7 km from Jalna.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are some popular attractions in Jalna?

Some popular attractions in Jalna include the Fort of Jalna, Jamb Samarth, Kali Masjid, and the Kali Mata Temple.

What are the nearby tourist destinations from Jalna?

Some nearby tourist destinations from Jalna include Aurangabad, famous for Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Lonar Crater Lake, Parbhani, and Mantha. These places offer historical, cultural, and natural attractions for visitors to explore.

What are the main industries in Jalna?

Jalna is known for its thriving agricultural industry, with cotton and soybean being significant crops. The city also has a presence in the manufacturing sector, particularly in the production of steel and alloys. The industrial growth in Jalna has contributed to its economic development.

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