Jammu is a city located in the union territory (and prior northernmost state) of Jammu and Kashmir in India. It is the headquarters and the largest city in Jammu district of the union territory, and also its winter capital.


Jammu city has many interesting attractions. Here are some the must-see places of interest in Jammu –

  • Baag-e-Bahu – A beautiful and well-maintained garden
  • Manda Zoo – Wildlife
  • Sidhra Golf Course – A beautiful place for a game of golf or a picnic
  • Rajender Park – A place for scenic strolls
  • Surinsar Lake – Beautiful natural lake; lovely place for strolls and picnics 
  • Nandini Wildlife Sanctuary – A Perfect Natural Abode


  • Ranbireshwar Temple – A Hindu temple
  • Vaishno Devi Temple – A popular Hindu pilgrimage site in India
  • Raghunath Temple – A popular Hindu Shrine
  • Mahamaya Temple
  • Dudhadhari Mandir –  The temple situated at the highest altitude in the city
  • Dargah Garib Shah – A Muslim shrine built over the grave of a revered (Sufi) saint
  • Balidan Stambh – A memorial for soldiers who sacrificed their lived for the country
  • Baba Dhansar 

Historic palaces:

  • Amar Mahal Palace 
  • Mubarak Mandi Palace

Ancient forts and caves:

  • Bahu Fort 
  • Peer Kho Cave – One of the Oldest caves in northern India
  • Bhimgarh Fort 
  • Poonch Fort 
  • Akhnoor Fort 


  • Dogra Art Museum 
  • Wadia Museum of National History
  • Amar Mahal Museum & Library


Jammu’s population comprises of more than 65% Muslims, 29% Hindus and remaining Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists; and though most of the fairs and festivals here are either prominent to Muslims or Hindus, all of them witness an intercommunal celebration, with participation from Muslim, Hindus and Sikhs as well.

Some of the major festivals celebrated in Jammu city are –

  • Urs – An important festival in the region, this is celebrated many times in a year. It is a festival to commemorate eminent Muslim saints like Meesha Sahib, Batamol Sahib and Bahauddin on their respective death anniversaries.
  • Ramzan – A month-long festival where Muslims follow intermittent fasting and regular prayers.
  • Holi – The festival of colors, celebrated in March.
  • Lohri – A folk festival celebrated in winter in the regions of Jammu, Kashmir and Punjab in India.
  • Eid Ul Fitr, Eid Al Adha – Although these 2 festivals are celebrated by Muslims across India, the Muslims of Jammu & Kashmir celebrate these in a more zealous and unique way, which adds a distinct festive charm to this place during these times.
  • Baisakhi – Celebrated in April; it marks the first day of the month of Vaisakha calendar followed in some parts of North India.


Jammu has an impressive shopping scene with various street markets as well as shopping complexes and malls. The city is known for its exquisite Pashmina shawls, carved walnut woodwork, Papier Mache, and other handicrafts and décor items. Here are some of the top shopping spots to check out in the city –

  • Raghunath Bazaar
  • Bahu Plaza
  • Poshish
  • Kashmir Government Arts Emporium
  • Hari Market
  • Gole Market


  • Palm Island Shopping Mall
  • City Square Mall
  • JDA Shopping Complex
  • KC Central


Jammu’s food scene is mostly comprised of Dogri and Kashmiri dishes. Some of the popular and delicious must-try local dishes here include -

  • Khatta (sour) meat curry
  • Kulith Dal – A regional lentil dish
  • Phirni – A sweet milk pudding
  • Dal Patt – Another regional lentil dish
  • Maa da Madra – A dish of black gram lentils cooked with yogurt and spices
  • Oria – Potato/Pumpkin cooked in a mustard sauce
  • Kashmiri Aloo Dum – Baby potatoes cooked in a spicy, rich gravy
  • Meetha Bhat – Sweet Rice
  • Shasha – A raw mango chutney


Following is a list of some of best restaurants in Jammu city to try the local delicacies as well as other delicacies and sumptuous meals –

  • Oh Jammu
  • Pahalwans
  • Wazwan
  • Khana Khazana
  • The Grandstand
  • Zamindara Dhaba
  • Earthen Oven Restaurant
  • Moti Mahal
  • Blue Coriander
  • Momotails
  • Pirates of Grill
  • Paras Ram Dhaba
  • The Lime Tree


Some of the best hotels in Jammu for a comfortable stay include the following –

  • Radisson Blu Jammu
  • Zone by the Park, Jammu
  • Clarks Inn Express
  • Fortune Inn Riviera
  • Ramada by Wyndham Jammu City Centre
  • Hotel 17 Miles
  • Heritage Homestay Jammu
  • Lemon Tree Hotel Jammu
  • Le ROI Jammu Hotel
  • Hotel Grand Inn


Jammu also has a few good bars and pubs having good food, drinks and ambience, for people to out or entertain themselves during late hours. These include –

  • Metel Night Club
  • Nagin Bar
  • Paradise Bar
  • Pavilion Restaurant
  • Aabshar Bar
  • Legends Pub


Jammu STD Code – 0191 (to be used before dialling numbers from a number that is not locally registered).

Common emergency numbers:

  • Police (National helpline) – 100
  • Women Helpline – 1091
  • Ambulance – 102, 108
  • Fire emergency – 101
  • Child Helpline – 1098


Kashmiri is the official language of Jammu. But, languages like Hindi, Urdu, English, Dogri are spoken as well.


  • Welcome - Svagat
  • How are you? - Aap kaise hai?
  • What's your name? - Aapka naam kya hai?
  • I don't know - Mujhe nahi pata
  • I don't understand - Mein samjha nahi
  • Thank you - Dhanyavad


  • Hello - Asalam u alaikum
  • How are you? - Aap kaise hai?
  • Goodbye - khuda hafiz
  • How old are you? - Aap ki umr kya hai?
  • Congratulations - Mubarak ho
  • What is this? - Yeh kya hai?

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