Jasdan, Gujarat

Jasdan is well-known in the Indian state of Gujarat for its handicrafts, agricultural gear, and diamond polishing. The largest subdistrict in the Rajkot district is Jasdan.

Places to visit

  • Aji Dam : One of the region's most important rivers is the Aji, which splits Rajkot along its east-west axis. It provides significant water for both drinking and agricultural uses and is often called to as Rajkot's "lifeline." The four dams over the Aji River were constructed in 1954; the garden and zoo were later opened by the Prime Minister in June 2017. This dam, along with the Nyari Dam, provides an important source of water to Rajkot. The Aji Dam also has a garden and a zoo nearby, making it an even more appealing tourist destination.
  • Distance: Aji Dam is 58 kilometres away from Jasdan

  • Nyari Dam: Nyari Dam is a beautiful picnic site that is popular with tourists. Furthermore, Nyari Dam attracts a large number of birdwatchers because the area is visited by a variety of migrating birds, particularly during the winter season. Because the location is on the outskirts of the city, it gives much-needed relief from the city's stress and rush and bustle. Many people, both locals and visitors, come here on a daily basis to relax and unwind in beautiful surroundings. A children's section has just been built here to provide entertainment for children. There are also a few cafés and food vendors around to supply you with refreshments and beverages.
  • Distance: Nyari Dam is 68 kilometres away from Jasdan

  • Gondal: The city is noted for its vehicle collection as well as its efficient road network, which was the best in the past. The Riverside Palace, established in 1875, is now a heritage hotel with vast grounds that function as a forest reserve where visitors can occasionally see animals and uncommon bird species. The Darbargadh, on the other hand, is a 17th-century palace with superb arches distributed across the gardens. The palace, also known as the Navlakka Palace, is open to the public for a price. Aside from that, Gondal boasts a bustling marketplace selling cheap things and meandering streets that add to the city's attractiveness.
  • Distance: Gondal is 47 kilometres away from Jasdan

How to Reach

  • By Air - The closest airports is Jasdan Civil Airport, which is at a distance of 58 kilometres from the city centre.
  • By Train - Chital, 45 kilometers away, is the nearest railaway station to Jasdan.

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