Jehanabad, Bihar

Jehanabad is a town in the Indian state of Bihar and the administrative center of the Jehanabad district.The Barabar Hill Caverns in Jehanabad are the earliest remaining rock-cut caves in India, dating from the Maurya Empire (322-185 BCE), and some have Ashokan inscriptions.

Places to visit

  • Barabar Caves : Barabar Caves is the oldest remaining cave and dates back to the reign of King Ashoka, one of the greatest emperors of the ancient Mauryan Empire. There are numerous inscriptions around these caves to prove that King Ashoka granted the order to establish these caves, which were to be utilized as monasteries by Jain monks. While these caves definitely functioned as holy sites for innumerable Jain monks for thousands of years, historical records suggest that even Gautama Buddha meditated in these caves.Aside from all of these fascinating historical facts, these caverns have another feature that is quite unique. It is the unique echo effect function, which implies that any sound created here can last up to 3 minutes.
  • Distance: Barabar Caves is 33 kilometres away from Jehanabad.

  • ShidheshwarNath Temple : This well-known Lord Shiva temple is located on one of the highest peaks in the Barabar Hills. Devotees must climb at least 300 feet to reach the temple's top. Although the trek is a little difficult, it is well worth it for the gorgeous views of mountain ranges that you get to witness while rising. Furthermore, authorities have created provisions for rest stops along the route, where you can stop if you are exhausted. The temple at the top is basic and inconspicuous. Nonetheless, visiting this temple is more about the grueling experience of hiking to the peak and relishing the satisfaction of completing this arduous endeavor.
  • Distance: ShidheshwarNath Temple is 66 kilometres away from Jehanabad

  • Hazrat Bibi Kamal KaMukbara : This Sufi dargah, located in the little village of Kako, is unlike any other in India. Because this was India's first dargah dedicated to a female saint, HazratBibi Kamal was known for her healing power during her lifetime, which made her extremely popular among the people of Kako village. After her death, she was buried here, which was later converted into a modest dargah. This dargah, on the other hand, is small and humble, and it is also not well-known among travelers. Nonetheless, it has its own distinctive charm that makes this little dargah quite special.
  • Distance: Hazrat Bibi Kamal KaMukbara is 8.6 kilometres away from Jehanabad

How to Reach

  • Regular flights connect Jehanabad to the rest of the country's major cities. The nearest airport is 44 kilometers away, in Patna. There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Jehanabad. Gaya Train Station, 45 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station.

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