Jhanjharpur, Bihar

Jhanjharpur is a town and subdivision in the Madhubani district of the Indian state of Bihar. Jhanjharpur is well connected to other cities in India by railways.

Places to visit

  • Navlakha Palace : The Navlakha Palace, also known as Rajnagar Palace, is an architectural marvel located on the eastern banks of the Kamla River in Rajnagar, Bihar. The 260-year-old palace was built by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh and is an example of ancient architecture and engineering. The gorgeous building, well-maintained rooms, complex carving work, and fact that it is home to the earliest Mithila artwork make this a fascinating historical landmark. A courtyard is surrounded by the palace's portico. There are four arches perched on hand-carved stone elephants. There are also other museums on the grounds, including a tea museum, a toy museum, a horse carriage museum, and a doll museum.
  • Distance: NavlakhaPalace is 28 kilometres away from Jhanjharpur

  • KapileshwarSthan : KapileshwarSthan, only 9 kilometers from Madhubani, is one of the most important temples. Because it is dedicated to Lord Shiva, this temple is extremely crowded during the month of Shivratri. Many Hindu devotees from all over India come to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings. The temple is named after “Kapil Muni,” whose ashram is only 2 kilometers away. Locals believe that Kapil Muni himself installed Lord Shiva’s lingam in the temple’s location.The Maharaja of Darbhanga built the KapileshwarSthan temple near Madhubani, which spans 52 hectares. When you arrive, you will experience a sensation of peace. Aside from the temple itself, the compound that surrounds it is pretty lovely.
  • Distance: KapileshwarSthan is 37 kilometres away from Jhanjharpur

How to Reach

  • Airports Near Jhanjharpur Patna Airport 157 kilometers away.RailwayStations Connecting JhanjharpurMahrailBihar, Madhubani, and Jhanjharpur are only two kilometers away.Jhanjharpur Junction 5 kilometers from Bihar, Madhubani, and Jhanjharpur.RajnagarBihar, Madhubani, and Rajnagar are all within 20 kilometers.PandaulBihar, Madhubani, andPandaul are all within 20 kilometers.

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