Jind, Haryana

The northern Indian state of Haryana has 22 divisions total, including Jind. Jind Town serves as the district's governing centre.

Places to visit

  • St. Bhuteshwar Temple : One of those fabled sanctuaries that have recently undergone renovations is the Bhuteshwar temple. A well-known tourist centre has also been constructed close by to ensure that visitors have no issues. Its campus is home to a number of sites of worship, including the pilgrimage tanks for JwalaMaleshvara, Surya Kund, and Hari Kailash. Inside the grounds of the sanctuary is a shrine known as Shah Walayat, which attracts a lot of visitors. Whenever you travel to Jind, you can always pay a call to this legendary temple.
  • Distance: Bhuteshwar temple is 4 kilometres away from Jind.

  • Dhamtan Sahib : On the Narwana-Tohana road in the Jind region, Dhamtan Sahib—previously known as Tehsil Narwanais located just ten kilometers east of Narwana. Dharamshala, a holy location, is referred to as "dhamtan" in Sanskrit. The hermitage of Rishi Valmiki and the Lord Ram shrine for the AsvamedhaYagya are thought to be located at the next historical location. In search of tranquil surroundings away from the main town, many visitors travel to the Dhamtan. You can always visit this historical site in Jind with your family to take in the scent. Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, is also thought to have stopped here while traveling to Delhi. In honor of his stay, people constructed the fort known as Manji Sahib. You absolutely must go there while touring Jind.
  • Distance: Dhamtan Sahib is 52 kilometres away from Jind.

  • Hansdehar : Everyone who comes to Hansdehar is connected to Rishi Kardan. He was the one who made this location well-known because he performed repentance here for a long time. Each year, a large number of tourists come to this area to honor the adored rishi. Kapilamuni, the son of Sage Kardam, was born in Hansdehar, where he also wrote the Sankya Shastra. The origin of this famous location can be traced to Hansdehar, which represents Brahma arriving here to witness Kardham Rishi's wedding while perched on his goose. Many people think that this area was where the holy Saraswati River flowed, and that the Pandavas gathered here to pray for their ancestors.
  • Distance: Hansdeharis 54 kilometres away from Jind.

How to Reach

  • By Air-By way of routine flights, Jind is not well linked to other significant cities in the nation. New Delhi is home to the closest airport, which is 113 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Regular trains from other significant towns in the nation don't run to Jind. Its 54 kilometers away to the closest railway stop, which is in Rohtak.

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