Kahalgaon, Bihar

Kahalgaon is a town and municipality in the district of Bhagalpur in the Indian state of Bihar. It is well-known for ancient Vikramashila, which was founded in the eighth century by Dharmapala, a Pala King. The educational institution acted as a Tantric Buddhism learning centre. A massive Buddhist temple stood at the heart of the structure, flanked by 108 smaller temples.

Places to visit

  • Ajgaivinath Temple : Ajgaivinath Temple in Sultanganj is one of the most well-known Hindu temples devoted to Lord Shiva. The idol in Ajgaibnath's main shrine is thought to be Swayambhu (self-manifester). According to legend, the statue in the Ajgaivinath Temple protruded into Jahnu Muni's ashram. According to legend, while Muni Jahnu was meditating in his ashram, the Ganges on her trip to the ocean startled Jahnu with the ripples of her waves. Muni Jahnu is said to have swallowed the entire Ganges, and Muni Bhagirath saved the Ganges by making an incision on Jahnu's thighs to make room for the Ganges. As a result, the Ganges River was given the name Jahnavi.
  • Distance: Ajgaivinath Temple is 58 kilometers away from Kahalgaon

  • Champapur Jain Temple : Champapur Digambar Jain Mandir is devoted to Vasupujya, the 12th Tirthankara, and is an ancient and historical Teerth Kshetra. All five Kalyanakas of Vasupujya Tirthankara are thought to have taken place in Champapur. Champapur is claimed to have been the capital of Karna, the sixth PandavaAnga's Kingdom. Champapur's Main Temple is thought to be around 2500 years old, and it is ornamented with five altars representing the Five Kalyanaka. Among the four "columns of fame" that existed on each corner of the compound, two remarkable "columns of renown" have remained. The 31-foot-tall statue of Vasupujya, which was created under the supervision of a charitable organization in Nagaland, is the most recent addition to the statues.
  • Distance: Champapur Jain Temple is 35 kilometers away from kahalgaon

  • Khanqah e Shahbazia : Khanqah e Shahbazia is a mosque and shrine to the Sufi Shahbaz Rahmattullah, who is regarded as one of the 40 sacred Sufis sent to propagate Allah's doctrine. Aurangzeb built the mosque and frequented it. Every Thursday, visitors gather at the site to be blessed. The majority of the visitors are claimed to be from eastern India and Bangladesh. The water in a pond here is said to have medical properties that help treat disease and snake bites. The Archeological Survey of India uncovered some antique writings in the basement of Khanqah e Shahbazia.
  • Distance: Khanqah e Shahbazia is 32 kilometers away from kahalgaon

How to Reach

  • The most affordable way to go from Bhagalpur (Station) to Kahalgaon Deoghar Airport is the closest to Kahalgaon. There are, however, better ways to go to Kahalgaon. Indian Railways runs a train twice daily from Baghdogra to Kursela.

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