Kalavad, Gujarat

Kalavad is a city in the district of Jamnagar in the Indian state of Gujarat .

Places to visit

  • Khijadia Bird Sanctuary : Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is located 15 kilometers from Jamnagar and covers an area of 6 square kilometers. The sanctuary comprises both freshwater and saltwater marshlands, which are visited by avifauna throughout the year. There are birds like the black-necked stork, Pallas's fish eagle, Dalmatian pelican, Darter, Asian open-billed stork, Eurasian spoonbill, black-headed ibis, Indian skimmer, Osprey, and others. Birdwatchers from all over the world come here to witness the rare migratory species. From September through March is the greatest time to visit.
  • Distance: Khijadia Bird Sanctuary is 52 kilometres away from Kalavad

  • Marine National Park : Marine National Park is a spectacular discovery that runs 170 km down the coastline and contains a group of 43 islands, 33 of which are bordered by coral reefs. The Gulf of Kutch National Park gives travelers with an opportunity to observe nature along the seashore. This is India's first marine park, and it stretches along Gujarat's Jamnagar Coast. The park is unusual in that it has the most endangered flora and fauna. The park is home to a variety of sea species, including King crabs, Crabs, Hermit crabs, Neptune, Wolf, Ghost crabs, Scorpions, Wiper-Isosceles, Sea slugs, and more. The park is densely forested, and 60 of the world's 250 types of mangroves have been discovered there. The optimum time to visit the park is from November to March. The Gulf of Kutch National Park is located in an area prone to both low and high tides. This promotes the survival of a diverse range of natural groups, including estuaries, coral reefs, mudflats, creeks, seaweeds and grass, marshy regions, and saline grasslands. The National Park is home to a diverse array of fish, birds, animals, sponges, reptiles, sea mammals, corals, mollusks, algae, and turtles. The rich wildlife present here includes Gangetic Dolphins, Beluga Whales, Avocets, Ibises, Starfishes, Jellyfishes, Jackals, Leatherback Turtles, and Jungle Cats.
  • Distance: Marine National Park is93 kilometres away from Kalavad

  • Sri Ramakrishna Math : Sri Ramakrishna Math is a study institution and a monument to RamkrishnaPramhans, as the name suggests. The Math was constructed in the mid-nineteenth century, when RamkrishnaParamhans began to reintroduce the ideals of Vedic philosophy to the people of India. The Math is situated on a tranquil campus that provides a value-based education, as well as a public Ayurveda center and library, a guest home, and a permanent display highlighting the life of Shri RamkrishnaParamhans.
  • Distance: Sri Ramakrishna Math is 48 kilometres away from Kalavad

How to Reach

  • By Air-The nearest airport to Kalavad is Jamnagar, which is well connected to other major cities in the country via regular flights.
  • By Train-There are no frequent trains to Kalavad from other major cities in the country. Gandhidham, 236 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station.

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