Kalka, Haryana

In the Indian state of Haryana's Panchkula district is the municipality of Kalka. It is close to Panchkula. The Hindu goddess Kali is the source of the town's moniker. It is a gateway to the adjacent state of Himachal Pradesh and is located in the Himalayan foothills.

Places to visit

  • Chattbir Zoo : MahendraChoudhary wildlife Park, also known as Chattbir Zoo, is a wildlife park in Zikarpur, close to Chandigarh. Numerous different species of animals, birds, and reptiles reside in the area. The zoo, which covers 202 acres of vast territory, provides an open enclosure for the animals so they can stay in their natural habitat. The Royal Bengal Tiger is the zoo's star attraction.
  • Distance: Chattbir Zoois 32 kilometres away from Kalka

  • Yadvinder Garden : This garden, also known as Yadvinder Garden, is sprawled across an area of 100 acres and is located approximately 15 km from Panchkula. This garden's construction started in the seventeenth century.
  • Distance: Yadvinder Garden is 6.6kilometres away from Kalka

  • Bhima Devi Temple : During his explorations in 1878 and 1879, Alexander Cunningham discovered a 27-line inscription from the 10th century AD that mentioned Panchapura, the source of the current name Pinjore. The Handi stone inscriptions from 1167 AD that reference Panchpura appear to also be referring to this location. The legend that the Pandavas resided here during their exile may also be the source of the appellation Pinjore. After a highly revered local temple was built on this ancient location, the area later became known as Bhima Nagar. These facts imply that between the ninth and the twelfth centuries AD, Panchapura and Bhima Nagar must have been significant locations. Evidence also suggests that the ancient Bhima Devi temple site was repeatedly and methodically destroyed, possibly by modern Muslim invaders, with Aurangzeb's rule representing the final strike. It's possible that the temple's debris was used in the construction of the nearby Mughal Garden.
  • Distance: Bhima Devi Templeis 5.1kilometres away from Kalka

How to Reach

  • By Air-Chandigarh Airport, located about 120 kilometers from Shimla, is the closest airport to Shimla.
  • By Train-On a meter gauge, Shimla is 96 kilometers from Kalka, and the trip from KALKA takes about six hours. Three to four trains run every day between Kalka and Shimla and back again.

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