Karimganj, Assam

In the Indian state of Assam's Karimganj District, there is a city by the name of Karimganj. The Kushiara and the Longai rivers, which the town shares a border with Bangladesh are its main natural features. The area also includes Noti Khal, a long, rumbling canal that links the two rivers and maintains a balance in the water level. The numerous woodlands close to the town are perfect for short hikes and explorations because they are home to a diversity of plants and animals.

Places to visit

  • Duhalia Range : The Duhalia Mountain, the third range to travel through the region of Karimganj, divides the Longai and Chargola valleys. Its highest hill is 1500 feet above sea level and is known locally as the Pratapgarh Range.
  • Distance: Duhalia Rangeis 31 kilometres away from karimganj

  • Son Beel : The most beautiful thing about Son Beel is how it transforms from desert to farmland during the winter months up until March, when it becomes a lake filled with water. The lake's modest depth causes it to overflow during the rainy season; the water then travels to Bangladesh via the Kakra River before meeting the Kushira River. This magnificent lake is home to a variety of fish, including the Bhujia fish, which is its specialty. The hills on the east and west sides of the lake create a beautiful landscape.
  • Distance: Son Beel is 27 kilometres away from karimganj

  • River Kushiara : The River Kushiara travels from Karinganj to Bangladesh, where it is divided by the River Barak. Bangladesh and Assam are divided by the river, which also acts as a global border. It's a lovely location to visit.
  • Distance: River Kushiara is44 kilometres away from Karimganj

  • Chhatachura Range : The south-east part of the district gives rise to the Chhatachura Range, which abuts the town. Its central section, known as Saraspur, is 1000 feet high and has a summit that is 2087 feet above sea level.The hill's lowest point, known as Badarpur, is 500 feet above sea level.
  • Distance: Chhatachura Rangeis 13 kilometres away from Karimganj

  • Adamail Range : The Patharia Range is another name for the Adamail Range, which borders Bangladesh. The 45 km long range, which forms the western boundary of the district, has a peak elevation of roughly 800 feet above sea level.
  • Distance: Adamail Range is13 kilometres away from karimganj

How to Reach

  • Karimganj is a tiny community without a local airport. The closest aviation base to the town is in Silchar, at Kumbhirgram Airport, some 85 kilometers away. From outside the airport, one can take a taxi to their desired location. A system of well-kept roadways makes it simple to reach this little hamlet from neighboring state cities. Private and publicly owned buses go frequently from Silchar to Karimganj. The closest train station to the town is 32 kilometers away at Badarpur Junction in the Karimganj District.Actually, the Barak Valley and southern Assam's main centers are located at this railway head. A cab or bus to the tranquil town of Karimganj can be easily accessed from the station's exterior.

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