Kasaragod, Kerala

In the Indian state of Kerala, Kasaragod serves as both the district's administrative center and its municipal town. Kasaragod was the district's first municipal town, having been founded in 1966. It is also referred to as Saptha Bhasha Sangama Bhoo and is the northernmost district in Kerala.

Places to visit

  • Malom Wildlife Sanctuary : Malom Wildlife Sanctuary, a well-liked tourist destination in the Kanhangad area, is home to a wide range of wildlife and lush tropical woods. A variety of creatures and birds, such as peacocks, the Malabar hornbill, wild pigs, flying squirrels, rhesus monkeys, porcupines, etc., call the sanctuary home. Additionally, if you're lucky, you might get to witness a king cobra and a Python.
  • Distance: Malom Wildlife Sanctuary is 25 kilometers away from Kasaragod

  • Ananthapura Lake Temple : Ananthapura Lake Temple is a tranquil Hindu temple situated in the village of Ananthapura, Kasargod. It is erected in the middle of a lake. It is Ananthapadmanabhan Swami's sacred temple. Ananthapadmanabhan is thought to have made his home here first before traveling to Thiruvananthapuram via a cave that is located in the lake's right-hand corner. According to legend, the cave divides Ananthapura from Thiruvananthapuram; as a result, both temples continue to honor the same god.
  • Distance: Ananthapura Lake Temple is 13 kilometers away from Kasaragod

  • Kareem's Forest Park: Kareem's Forest Park is regarded as the top private refuge in the nation and is a haven for those who value nature, science, biology, the environment, and Ayurveda. This area, which is around 23 kilometers from Kanhagad Town, is teeming with a variety of healing flora and animals. In fact, it is like a melting pot where many animal species, insects, reptiles, birds, wild animals, microbes, and amphibians live.
  • Distance: Kareem's Forest Park is 48 kilometers away from Kasaragod

  • Nileshwaram: Thejaswini Puzha rivers, is also known as the cultural center of the Kasargod District. The town is stunningly lovely and a spectacular sight to behold, with the Arabian Sea to its west. The name Nileshwaram is derived from Lord Shiva's name Neelakanteshwaran, which translates to "the Blue-necked One." The name Nileshwaram implies that it is the home of Lord Shiva. Sage Neela, who mounted Lord Siva's idol thousands of years ago, is another legend connected to the place's name. Nileshwaram was originally the residence of the Kolathiri family's Nileshwar Rajas, and it was also connected to their conflict.
  • Distance: Nileshwaram is 36 kilometers away from Kasaragod

How to Reach

  • By Air - The airport at Mangalore, which is 50 kilometers away from Kasargod, is the one that is closest. Nearly 400 kilometers from Kasargod, in Cochin, would be the location of the next nearest airport.
  • By Train - There is a train station in Kasargod, and numerous trains leave from there for destinations throughout the nation.

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