The primary language spoken in Kerala is Malayalam, which is its official language. But apart from this, English is also widely spoken, along with some Tamil in few parts that are close to the borders of the state Tamil Nadu.


Kerala’s people are called Malayalis (after the language spoken there). The culture that exists in Kerala today is said to have evolved through Sanskritization of Dravidian ethos, and revivalism of religious movements and reform movements against caste discrimination.

Onam - a harvest festival celebrated extravagantly by the people of Kerala, is an important part of the traditions here – mainly for Hindus. Carnatic music (an Indian classical music form that originated in South India) is prevalent here. Apart from this Kerala has its own native music system called “sopanam”, which is a kind of step-by-step rendition of raga-based songs. Sopanam also provides the background music used in Kathakali – which is the state’s most popular dance form, which includes elaborately colourful make-up, costumes and face masks worn by the performers.

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