Khagaria, Bihar

Khagaria is a city in the Indian state of Bihar and the administrative center of the Khagaria district. Khagaria is part of the Munger division.

Places to visit

  • Katyayani Asthan : Katyayani is about 12 kilometers away from the district headquarters. There is a Mother Katyayani temple at this location. A temple is also devoted to Lord Rama, Lakshman, and Maa Janki. On Mondays and Fridays, a considerable number of devotees attend the temple to pray. Mother Katyayani is thought to be worshiped in two ways in this location. Sage Katyayan, according to legend, knew the Kaushik River, now known as Koshi, had austerity on the coast. Mother Durga agreed to be born as the sage's daughter because she was delighted with the penance. Since then, he has been referred to as Katyayani. Furthermore, it is thought that this location was once encircled by dense woods some 300 years ago. Bhakta Sripat Mahrj saw Mother Kattayani in a dream and directed the construction of a temple at this spot.
  • Distance: Katyayani Asthan is 1.7 kilometers away from Khagaria

  • Ajgaibinath Mahadev : The Lord Shiva temple of Ajgaibinath Mahadev on a hill has long been a draw for worshipers. The significance of this location on Ganga's bank originates from the fact that the Ganga flows northwards (Uttarayan) at this location, and devotees raise Ganga water in "Kanwar" for presenting to Baba Baidyanath in Deoghar, traversing a journey around 105 kilometers on foot. This temple at Parbatta Thana is described in the 1960 Gazetteer.
  • Distance: Ajgaibinath Mahadev is 47 kilometers away from Khagaria

  • Das Driftwood Museum & Park : Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Sanctuary is Asia's only dolphin sanctuary, located on the Ganga River's sole island. Das Driftwood Museum & Park is also located here. This is a unique endeavor in India, an experience that will not be forgotten. It is also possible that this is the only Driftwood Park in the world where visitors can observe driftwood art ranging in height from 3 to 16 feet. There are also outstanding sculptures and other colorful works of art, all of which contribute to the overall ambiance of the museum and park.
  • Distance: Das Driftwood Museum & Park is 89 kilometers away from Khagaria

How to Reach

  • Regular flights connect Khagaria to the country's other important cities. Biratnagar airport is 134 kilometers away. There are no direct trains from other major cities in the country to Khagaria. Katihar, 110 kilometers away, has the closest railway station.

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