Strings Museum

Displaying a comprehensive collection of over 250 instruments from different countries of the globe, the Strings Museum in Kochi is a place for all the music lovers or leisure travelers visiting the beautiful coastal city.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 10 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday), 3 pm to 6 pm (Sunday)

Location: Ground Floor, Fort Manor, K.B. Jacob Road, Kochi, Kerala

Entry Fees: Rs200 for Adults, Rs50

About the Museum

Born out of the passion and love for music along with a unique hobby of collecting musical instruments, Strings Museum is the brain child of Pius Joseph which is an exclusive museum for musical instruments in Kochi, Kerala. As the name suggests, Strings Museum houses 200 instruments that mostly come under the ‘string’ category but has other types of instruments as well on display.

Strings Museum displays an extensive collection of musical instruments that have been collected from Africa, Middle East, and Central Asian countries and are exhibited in a way that illustrates their ethnicity and history. Being a business, Pius Joseph has been gathering musical instruments for the last 20 years that gave rise to this exclusive museum. From the ancient Balafone, a percussion instrument from Africa, to Harp, Kora, Hindustani Sarangi, Banduria, Balalailaka, Afghan Rabab, Sanxian, etc., these instruments have been assembled from countries like Turkey, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Egypt. Visitors in the museum get fascinated to see instruments they have never even heard of and many of these instrument date back to several decades making them antique pieces.

Visitor in the museum can also engage getting clicked while wearing the ethnic costumes from different countries and take snaps standing in front of the instrument of that country. There is a provision for people who like to play or who know how to play violin, guitar, and piano that are showcased there for free. The Strings Museum creates an exhilarating musical experience for all visitors under one roof and the exhibit for every country has a flat-screen high-resolution video depicting local musicians performing on innate instruments.

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