Kokrajhar, Assam

In the Bodoland Territorial Region, an autonomous area in Assam, one of India's northeastern states, is the town of Kokrajhar. The settlement of Kokrajhar is situated alongside the Gaurang River.

Places to visit

  • Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary : The Assam district of Dhubri is home to the Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary. With smatterings of bushes and grasslands, dense semi-evergreen woods, and multiple water sources, the sanctuary's forests are of these types. The weather is moderate, with hot, dry summers and dry winters that are followed by lots of rain.Various species like the tiger, leopard, golden langur, leopard cat, gaur, crab-eating mongoose, Indian porcupine, pangolin, flying squirrel, and civet cat are found in the complex habitat.TheRabha and the Bodo are the tribes that live in Chakrashila's outlying settlements.
  • Distance: Chakrashila Wildlife Sanctuary is 10 kilometres away from kokrajhar

  • ShyamraiSatra : The ShyamraiSatra, the center of Vaishnavite culture and religion, was created in Goalpara's town center. The Satra administration has maintained Sri Manta Sankardeva'sAsthi.On the Satra campus, the Asthi is on exhibit during the celebration of Sankar Jayanti in the month of SuklaDasami.
  • Distance: ShyamraiSatra is 63kilometres away from kokrajhar

  • Dadan Hills : One of King Bana of Sonitpur's generals, Dadan, constructed the Shiva temple. A wild elephant was allegedly killed by this general at the Dadan foothills, according to one of the many tales that surround this temple.The elephant used to annoy the General as he meditated because he was a follower of Lord Shiva. But today that elephant is only a stone on the Dariduri riverside. With rivers, hills, and rich vegetation all around, this location is also the pinnacle of natural beauty in addition to the temple. It is a warm and welcoming setting, especially after the everyday commotion of the city. Other activities include hiking and rock climbing.
  • Distance: Dadan hills is85kilometres away from Kokrajhar

  • NandeswarDevalaya : It is one of the oldest shrines in the area and is situated atop the Nandeswar hill next to the Dudhnoi River. The temple, which is devoted to Lord Shiv, receives a lot of attention when the festivals of Shivratri, DolJatra, and Durga Pooja are celebrated here by a large number of followers.
  • Distance: NadeswarDevalaya is 75kilometres away from Kokrajhar

  • JoybhumKamakhya Temple : A significant temple located on the bank of the River Brahmaputra, some 50 kilometers from Goalpara Town, is the Sri SriJoybhumKamakhya Temple, one of Hinduism's 51 "Shakti Sthals.TheJoybhumKamakhya Temple is close to another Shiva temple. During the yearly festival celebration in October, thousands of worshippers congregate at the temple.
  • Distance: Joybhumkamakhya temple is81kilometres away from Kokrajhar

  • Tukeswari : Legend has it that a piece of Goddess Sati fell here. On top of Tukeswari Hill, where there is also a temple devoted to Lord Shiva, is where the Tukeswari temple is located.
  • Distance: Tukeswari is 61 kilometres away from Kokrajhar

How to Reach

  • By way of routine flights, Kokrajhar is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 46 kilometers away in Ranchi. By way of routine flights, Kokrajhar is not well connected to other significant cities in the nation. The closest airport is located 46 kilometers away in Ranchi.

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