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Kondapalli is a place located in the NTR district of Andhra Pradesh and is the core of the residential and Industrial hub situated in the western part of Vijaywada of Andhra Pradesh. One of the major Thermal Power stations of the state, Dr. Narla Tata Rao Thermal Power Station is located in between Ibrahimpatnam and Kondapalli. Popularly known for the Kondapalli toys, Kondapalli is a municipality in Ibrahimpatnam Mandal in the Vijayawada revenue division. Abode for many industries like Andhra Pradesh Heavy Machinery & Engineering Limited (APHMEL), HPCL, BPCL,IOC, Reliance Industries, and Lanco Infratech, it is also home to Kondapalli Reserve Forest one of the last survivingnatural forests in the Krishna district. Kondapalli is the closest to Ibrahimpatnam.


Apart from the Kondapalli Toys, Kopndapalli is also very famous for the Kondapalli Fort built in the 14th Century CE. Expanded in an area of 18sq km, Kondapalli Fort depicts the art and culture of 14th Century and the tradition of the Reddi Kingdom.

Kondapalli Toys

Kondapalli toys are wooden toys made in Kondapalli and are made of Tella poniki softwood found in the Kondapalli Reserve Forest. In Kondapalli, there is a colony named Bommala Colony known as Toys Colony is the place where the art of crafting is done. As per the Geographical Indications of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999, Kondapalli Toys was registered as one of the geographical indication handicrafts from Andhra Pradesh. One of the varieties of toys assembled in the houses during the festivals of Sankranti and Navratri, Kondapalli Toys is referred to as Bommala Koluvu.

Places to visit

  • Kondapalli Fort : Also known as Kondapalli Kota or Kondapalli Quila, kondapalli Fort is situated in the western part of Kondapalli. The fort was built during the 14th century CE by Prolaya Vema Reddyof the Reddi Kingdom. Earlier it was built as a relaxation place and business center and later provided as the military training base for British rulers.The Kondapalli fort is a very attractive and picturesque sight to visit and has three entry gates. The chief entrance gate was built with a single block of granite with a width of 12 feet and a heightof 15 feet and is named the ‘Dargha Darwaja’.The name of the gate was derived from the tomb or dargah of Gulab Shah, who was killed in battle here. Along the Darhgha Darwaza, another entrance gate named the Golconda Darwaza is situated on the other end of the hill, which leads to Jaggaiahpet village. There is a Tanisha Mahal or Palace, at the end of the fort, sitting atop two hills. On the ground floor of the Palace, there are many chambers and on the upper floor, there is a huge hall.
  • Kondapalli Reserve Forest : Kondapalli Reserve Forest is one of the last survivingnatural forests in the Krishna district. Situated at a distance of 18.4km, Kondapalli Reserve Forest is a residence of many carnivorous animals like wild dogs, leopards, jackals, civet cats, wolves, etc., and the herbivorous animals like sambar deer, wild boars, chital, rhesus monkey, four-horned antelopes, and barking deer. There are also birds such as peacocks. The Kondapalli Reserve Forest is also home to Tella poniki softwood which is used in the making of Kondapalli Toys.
How to Reach
  • By Air – The nearest Airport from Kondapalli is Vijaywada International Airport at a distance of 37.2km .
  • By Train - The nearest Kakinada Railway Station is at a distance of 800m from Kondapalli .

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