Hazratganj is a downtown market area in the city of Lucknow, in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.


The foundation for this market was laid in the year 1827, to introduce the China Bazaar and Kaptaan Bazaar which sold goods from China, Japan and Belgium. The market was then just called “Ganj”. In 1842, the name of the area was changed to Hazratganj after a Nawab Amjad Ali Shahwho was popularly known by his alias 'Hazrat' (the fourth King of “Oudh” or “Awadh” as the region in Lucknow was then known) from 7 May 1842 to 13 February 1847.

After the Britishers took over the country, they remodelled the Hazratganj market area after London's Queen Street, and new European structures were added, giving the market.

Additional Info

After the Britishers added new structures and elements to the market in the 20th century, the market got a fusion look comprising of Mughal, ancient Indian as well as European elements.In 2010, Hazratganj got a makeover again, with all buildings in the marketplace painted in a uniform colour, and stone pavements and balustrades constructed to add to the look and architecture.

Hazratganj market comprises of various Bazaars (street markets), shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, theatres and even office buildings.

How to Reach

The Hazratganj market can be reached easily from any point within Lucknow. The Lucknow railway station is located around 4 km away from Hazratganj. It can be reached from nay major city within India and from here, buses, cabs or autorickshaw can be taken to reach the market within 15 minutes.

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