Madhepura, Bihar

Madhepura is a municipality located in the Bihar state of India's Madhepura district. It is located in the heart of the Kosi ravine. It was referred to as Madhyapura, a centrally located location that later changed its name from Madhipura to the current Madhepura. The city of Madhepura, which is located in the state's northern region, should not be missed if you have plans to go across the lovely state of Bihar.

Places to visit

  • Dakini Sthan Mandir : The city's old temple has long been famed. Throughout the year, people go to the majestic temple from all across the country. The temple honors Goddess Durga, who symbolizes female power. The ancient temple was built to venerate the goddess of might and intelligence, according to Hindu mythology. The temple covers a wide area and is surrounded by wonderfully constructed pillars. Mauryan art informed the temple's building.
  • Distance: Dakini Sthan Mandir is 63 kilometres away from Madhepura

  • Singheswar Sthan Mandir : It is one of the city's most well-known religious sites. The temple is located 8 kilometers outside of town. The temple is historically significant. The famous temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, and many pilgrims visit it on a daily basis. The temple contains seven kunds that were built in ancient times for devotees to bathe before offering their prayers, but the kunds have now been turned into tanks. The temple was previously regarded Rishi Singri's tapobhoomi, according to Hindu mythology. The temple's idol dates from the Mauryan period.
  • Distance: Singheswar Sthan Mandir is 7.4 kilometres away from Madhepura

  • Jwala Mandir: The well-known shrine honors the deity Jwala Devi. According to legend, the shrine was dedicated to Devi Sati. The term "Jwala" refers to the erupting flame from Devi Sati's tongue. It is stated that while Lord Shiva was carrying Devi Sati's body, Lord Vishnu utilized his chakra, causing Devi's tongue to fall on the same ground where the temple now stands.
  • Distance: Jwala Mandir is 34 kilometres away from Madhepura

How to Reach

  • Regular flights do not provide good access from Madhepura to the other main cities in the nation. Biratnagar has the closest airport, which is located 79 kilometers away. There are no consistent trains running to Madhepura from other significant cities in the nation. At Katihar, 88 kilometers away, there is the closest railway station.

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