Maharashtrian cuisine includes a variety of both mild and spicy dishes. Peanuts and fresh coriander are used generously in many dishes, and so is Methi (fenugreek leaves). Some popular dishes include: Kanda Poha (a savoury dish made with flattened rice, turmeric, chillies, peanuts and lots of onions), Thaalipeeth (a pancake made with rice/millet flours), Modaks. (steamed dumplings – mostly consist of jaggery). Goat, Chicken and Fish are the most used in non-vegetarian dishes.

Maharashtra is also known for its famous street foods such as Vada Paav (Paav buns stuffed with potato patties and chutney), Paav Bhaji (Toasted buns served with spicy mashed mixed vegetable curry and lots of butter) and Bombay Sandwich (which primarily contains a spicy potato curry, and a green coriander chutney).

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