Mahuva, Gujarat

Mahuva is a town and taluka in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat, India. Mahuva, located on the Arabian Sea coast, is recognized for its pleasant weather and verdant, lush surroundings, which include many coconut tree plantations. The town is regarded as the Kashmir of Saurashtra and is located in the Saurashtra area.

Places to visit

  • Piram Bet Island : The term 'Piram' is taken from the Sanskrit word 'param," which signifies pure and sacred. To go to Piram Bet Island, drive from Bhavnagar to Gogha and then take a boat from there. Its lush green splendor is echoed by the immensity of India's west coast, which is regarded as the Jurassic Park of India because to the presence of ancient fossils in various levels of the island. Piram Bet Island allows us to see nature's works at their finest. Because there are only a few families living in this virgin country, one cannot expect any kind of facility; one must bring all essentials with them while traveling to this location. To visit this location, prior permission must be sought. In terms of studies, this would be an excellent location for someone interested in environmental studies, archeology, photography, or geography.
  • Distance: Piram Bet Island is 66 kilometers away from Mahuva

  • Ghogha beach : Ghogha Beach is a popular destination for locals and their families and friends. This beach is ideal for a picnic because of the golden sand, the erratic water waves that hit the sand every now and then, and the stunning sunrise and sunset. But, as a tourist location, we would not recommend that you plan to visit because there are no amenities available that would make a visit to this place worthwhile. This beach can only offer natural beauty, peace of mind, and enjoyment to everyone who decides to visit it. Its breathtaking splendor will undoubtedly captivate you.
  • Distance: Ghogha Beach is 81 kilometers away from Mahuva

  • BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Aksharwadi Mandir : One of the most well-known temples in is the Aksharwadi Swaminarayan Temple. The gorgeous architecture, scenic surroundings, and religious ambiance of this temple provide visitors with a sense of happiness, strength, and mental calm. The temple grounds include terracotta works, wall murals and carvings, deity idols, and Kanhaji's cradle (Lord Krishna). As a result, a large number of worshippers visit this temple every day, especially on celebratory days. The temple is surrounded by a garden, which adds to its natural beauty. There are stores adjacent to the temple where one can purchase herbal goods, books, and other pooja necessities.
  • Distance: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Aksharwadi Mandir is 74 kilometers away from Mahuva

How to Reach

  • By Air- There is no airport in Mahuva. Bhavnagar Airport is the closest. Mahuva is 85 kilometers away.
  • By Train- Regular trains run to Mahuva from most major cities in the country.

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