Makhdumpur, Bihar

In the Indian state of Bihar, there is a town called Makhdumpur. The Jehanabad district and the Patna-Gaya Corridor both contain large towns. 10 kilometers to the southeast of Makhdumpur is the renowned tourist destination of Barabar Hills and Caves.

Places to visit

  • Kauva Dol Hill : Kauva Dol Hill is well-known for the 8-foot-tall, black statue of the Buddha. In the entire Jehanabad district, this Buddha statue is presumably the biggest one. In addition, the foothills around here have stunning Hindu goddess carvings. On top of everything else, the region is quite green and lush, making it a wonderful spot for a picnic. In addition to the few attractions mentioned, there are many other places to see close to Jehanabad. Jehanabad, despite only a minor portion of Bihar, undoubtedly ranks among the most populated areas.
  • Distance: Kauva Dol Hill is 14 kilometres away from Makhdumpur

  • Shideshwar Nath Temple : On top of one of the Barabar Hills' highest peaks sits this well-known Lord Shiva shrine. To get to the temple at the top, devotees must climb at least 300 feet. Although the route is a little challenging, it is definitely worthwhile because of the beautiful mountain ranges you get to witness while rising. Additionally, authorities have set up rest areas along the route so that you can stop if you are too fatigued. The temple is rather plain and unpretentious at the peak. Nevertheless, getting to the top and relishing the satisfaction of completing this difficult effort are the main attractions of visiting this temple.
  • Distance: Shideshwar Nath Temple is 64 kilometres away from Makhdumpur

  • Hazrat Bibi Kamal Ka Makbara: This Sufi dargah is unique to all others in India and is situated in the tiny town of Kako. Because Hazrat Bibi Kamal was famed for her healing abilities while she was alive and because this was the first dargah in India to be devoted to a female saint, she became very well-known among the inhabitants of Kako village. She was laid to rest here, which was eventually converted into a modest dargah, after passing away. However, this dargah is quite modest and unpretentious, and it is also not particularly well-known among travelers. However, it has a peculiar quality that makes this little dargah stand out, as well as its own charm.
  • Distance: Hazrat Bibi Kamal Ka Makbara is 26 kilometres away from Makhdumpur

How to Reach

  • By Air - Airport Gaya is the closest one.
  • By Train - The distance between Makhdumpur and Gaya Rail Way Station is 33 kilometers.

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