Mall Road

Mall Road is a major shopping centre in Shimla, the capital city of the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh


Mall Road was originally established during the British colonial rule in India. It consists of various buildings including those of shops and offices of municipal corporation, fire service and police headquarters and so on.

Vehicles are generally not allowed on MallRoad – shoppers need to park vehicles nearby and navigate through this market road by foot.

Mall road joins Ridge Road on the west side, at a place called Scandal point which is quite popular in the city – as it had been the place known forelopement of a British lady with an Indian Maharaja.

Additional Info for Visitors

Mall road is located a level below The Ridge, which is a large and well-known open space, located in the centre of Shimla city.

A theatre called Gaiety Theatre is also located on this road, which was opened here inthe year 1887, and attracted a lot of popular performances and audiences in the years following that. The theatre has been renovated with some additions to the original structure untouched to make it more attractive, while preserving its heritage and original elements. It is a well-known spot and landmark in the area now.

Visitors can reach the place easily by road (through private vehicle or public modes of transport in the city like bus, or cab or auto-rickshaw) from major points like the railway station or airport or any other point within the city.

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