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Mandapeta is a town situated in the KonaseemaDistrict of Andhra Pradesh. Earlier, Mandapeta wascalled "Mandavyapuram", the name from Sage Mandukya. It is a second-grade municipality established on 1stOctober 1958. The Mandapeta town is situated in the East Godavari Sub-basin of the larger Krishna Godavari valley. Mandapeta is home to both Oil and Natural Gas reserves. The town is occupied with a total area of 21.65 km2. Mandapeta is the hometownof Smiley Children Society,one of the Non-Governmental Organizations. The nearest railway station to Mandapeta is Dwarapudi which is situated at a distance of 6.9 km. Mandapeta town is well connected by roads.

Places to visit

  • Jagan Mohini Kesava Swami Temple : Jagan Mohini Kesava Swami Temple is situated in the Ryali village of Konsaseema District. The temple is a very famous Temple in the Konaseema District.Jagan Mohini Kesava Swami Temple is built in the 11th Century by Raja Vikrama Deva. This temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu. In this temple, Lord Vishnu is honored as Keshava Swamy andas Sri Jagan Mohini. The specialty of this temple is the figure of Sri Jaganmohini Kesava Swamy Varu. The idol is engraved divinelyfrom a singleshaligram black stone, it portrays Keshava Swamy from the front and Jaganmohini from the back of the idol. The temple also houses a shrine (samadhi) of Lord Shiva called Sri Umakamandaleswaraswami.
  • Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple : Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple is situated at a distance of 27 km from Mandapeta. The temple was built in 1920 by Sri Kovvuri Basivi Reddy Garu, zamindar of Gollalamamidada. The Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple is devoted to Siddi Vinayaka, and thousands of people come here to worship. There is a shrine of Lord Ganapathi located in the middle of coconut trees, green fields, and natural surroundings.
  • Kodandarama Temple : Kodandarama Temple is a Hindu Temple, located in Gollala Mamidada village in Kakinada District. It is situated at a distance of 800 m from Mandapeta. The Temple is devoted to the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Rama. Built on the banks of Tulyabhaga (Antharvahini), a branch of Godavari, the temple is famous for its exclusive architecture and two huge gopurams (monumental entrance towers) which stand at 160–170 feet (49–52 m) and 200–210 feet (61–64 m). In 1889, the construction of theKodandarama temple started. At that time two brothersnamed Rami Reddy and Dwarampudi Subbi Reddy donated land and built a small temple with wooden figures of Rama and Sita. In 1939,they built a larger temple. The two gopurams were built in 1948–50 and 1956–58. The temple is a beautifully built place to visit.
How to Reach
  • By Air – The nearest Airport is Rajahmundry Airport situated at a distance of 29 km
  • By Train – The nearest Railway Station is situated at a distance of 6.9 km from Mandapeta town
  • By Bus – The Nearest Bus Stand is located at a distance of 400 m from Mandapeta town

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