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In the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh's Prakasam district is the town of Markapur. It serves as both the Markapur Mandal's administrative center and the Markapur Revenue Division municipality. One of the oldest temples in the state is the Chennakesava Swamy Temple in Markapur, which was constructed by King Sri Krishnadevaraya. Atmakur Reserve Forest, a well-known natural tourism site, is located a few kilometers west of Markapur.

Places to visit

  • Kothapatnam Beach : In the Prakasam district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, there is a little seaside village by the name of Kothapatnam. It is situated in the Ongole revenue division's Kothapatnammandal. One of Ongole's most popular tourist destinations is Kothapatnam Beach. The beach, which is 18 km outside the city, offers both inhabitants and visitors a ton of fun. You become mesmerized by the deep blue sea, the huge swaths of beach, and the calm air. Here, boating is possible. The beach is less used during the Karthika Purnima festival, when thousands of people descend.
  • Distance: Kothapatnam Beach is 67 kilometres away from Markapur

  • Pakala Beach : When you get at Pakala Beach, pause to admire the breathtaking oceanfront. You can take in the unadulterated beauty of South Shore Kauai thanks to the immaculate sandy shoreline and bay waters beyond. Watch the surf conditions to get a sense of how rough the waters are as you take in the view. Choose a different beach if the water appears too choppy, or postpone your surfing excursions until another day.
  • Distance: Pakala Beach is 89 kilometres away from Markapur

  • Cumbum Cheruvu: Asia's oldest artificial lake is called Cumbum. Built on the Gundlakamma River, it is also referred to as the Gundlakamma Lake. Varadharajamma, a Vijaynagar princess, constructed this. The second-largest irrigation tank even in the 20th century was this one. It is surrounded by a wealth of history. This site has been mentioned in inscriptions since 1706. The passing of Khaja Muhammad, the sheriff and Qiladar of Cumbum under Aurangzeb, is the first time this lake is mentioned. More historical references can be found everywhere.
  • Distance: CumbumCheruvu is 36 kilometres away from Markapur

  • Pitikayagulla Water Falls: In the Andhra Pradesh town of Markapur sits Pitikayagulla Lake. A park is placed close to the lake. In that park, kids go to play. A lovely picnic location where you can spend out with your family or friends. The lakeside route is ideal for morning or evening strolls.
  • Distance: Pitikayagulla water falls is 42 kilometres away from Markapur

How to Reach

  • At 230 kilometers, Vijayawada Airport is the closest airport to Markapur. Vijayawada and Guntakal can be reached by train easily from Markapur. The bus connections from Markapur to Hyderabad, Ongole, and Vijayawada are good.

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