Motipur, Bihar

Motipur is a town and notified area in Muzaffarpur district. It is 14 kilometers south of Mehsi in the Indian state of Bihar.

Places to visit

  • RamchandraShahi Museum : The RamchandraShahi Museum is a must-see for all history aficionados. The museum was built in 1979 near Jubba Sahni Park and houses exhibits of antique utensils, relics, and ornate statues such as the Manasa Nag and Ashtadikpal. Each article has a particular lure for visitors.
  • Distance: RamchandraShahi Museum is 35 kilometres away from Motipur

  • Kali Mata Temple : Kali Mata Temple, possibly founded in 1932, is one of the most auspicious destinations for Hindus in Bihar and India. Kamlesh Singh, the then Maharaja of Darbhanga, commissioned the temple. Because of its proximity to the Gandak River, the building exudes a wonderful natural ambiance. The name suggests that this temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, however upon closer inspection; you will notice that it is also dedicated to a woman named "Simri Mai."Simri Mai is a woman who resided in a shack near Muzaffarpur Engineering College. This woman used to meditate for days on end, until she died one day in the 17th century from malnutrition and constant concentration. The place was given the name "Lokpeeth," and the woman was given the name Simri Mai.
  • Distance: Kali Mata Temple is 52 kilometres away from Motipur

  • Shri Ram Temple : Shri Ram Temple is not only a religiously significant temple in Muzaffarpur, but it also boasts a magnificent architectural design. The temple is one of India's nine great temples, known as the "Navratna" temples. The temple is currently managed by the Sahu family, but it was initially built and designed by talented Rajasthanipainters.When you visit the temple complex, you will notice that there are several temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Mata Janaki, and Lord Shiva. In reality, the Mahadev temple contains the complex's third-largest Shivling. That is why this area is so precious to the Hindu community. Several devotees visit there almost every day to worship the Hindu deities.
  • Distance: Shri Ram Temple is 20 kilometres away from Motipur

How to Reach

  • By Air-Patna Airport is the closest airport.
  • By Train-Muzaffarpur Rail Way Station, located 29 kilometers from Motipur, is an important railway station.

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