Public transport within Mumbai includes train, road, and water transports. Mumbai has the largest organized bus transport network among major Indian cities. The city also has a vast network of auto rickshaws and taxis.

Mumbai has large water bodies and some places nearby which are separated by waterways, and hence the city’s transport system also consists of water transport. Water transport within Mumbai consists of ferries and catamarans. These are used for travels to places including Elephanta island, Manori, Navi Mumbai, Alibaug, and a few other places which have waterways connecting them.

Mumbai’s public transport also consists of a rapid transit or mass transit system augmented by commuter rail (local train) serving various suburbs. Besides these, recently a monorail and metro train system were also planned and inaugurated for the city; because of its ever-growing population and occupancy; and a commercial seaplane service for the city has also been planned.

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