Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya

Located in Mumbai, Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya highlights Gandhiji’s life which was his home in Bombay during the freedom fighting movement and features his room, a library, photos, films, and other displays that fascinates tourists from all over the world.


Information for Visitors

Timing: 9:30 am to 6:30 pm

Location: 19, Laburnum Road, BabulnathGamdevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Entry Fees: Free

About the Museum

The Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya in Mumbai is a museum that once was the meeting place of Mahatma Gandhi and played an integral part in the process of independence of India. During his struggle for freedom, Mahatma Gandhi visited Bombay and stayed in this house from 1917 to 1943 to formulate his philosophies of non-violence protest against the reigning Britishers. The Mani Bhavan in Mumbai has seen many freedom fighters under its roof and has many noteworthy historical feathers attached to its caps such as the Civil Disobedience Campaign and Satyagraha Movement.

The Mani Bhavan Museum showcases Gandhiji’s room, a library, a picture gallery, and all his belongings as exhibits. It also comprises various photographs of his personal life along with other significant documents and letters from numerous important personalities of that era from all over the world. As the place had seen the beginning of many important historical events and is closely associated with Gandhiji, it was dedicated as a Gandhi memorial in the year 1955. The terrace of the Mani Bhavan is the place where Gandhiji got arrested on January 4, 1932, which makes the place even more fascinating for the visitors. The Picture Gallery in the museum has several exhibits of images displaying various important events and the meetings held in the place with definitive captions in Hindi or in English. The picture gallery has some of the rarest photographs that are not available anywhere in the country.

Gandhiji’s room in the museum also attracts a lot of visitors and has been preserved in its original condition with all his personal belongings and other stuff. The museum also houses a library that has more than 40,000 books and periodicals that are more or less about Gandhi ji, his thoughts, freedom fighting movements, and some other allied subjects. This is a public library and is occupied by readers who follow Gandhian principles. After exploring the museum, visitors can also sit in the auditorium which plays films and some speeches of Mahatma Gandhi that will give you a deep insight into that historic period and events. The auditorium is also used for important meetings, seminars, and other cultural events. A tour around the Mani Bhavan Gandhi Sangrahalaya will be very influential in gaining knowledge about Mahatma Gandhi and his struggle for independence along with India’s past.

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