Clouded Leopard National Park

Offering the wildlife lovers and nature paramours a reason to visit the North-Eastern state Tripura along with several other exciting reasons, Clouded Leopard National Park is an enchanting place with lush green surroundings, exotic wildlife, and a diverse range of floral species. The national park is a part of the Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary and was established in the year 2007 with a total covering an area of 5.08 sq. kilometers.

The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is the hot spot for large and varied biodiversity with a wide-ranging collection of flora, fauna, birds, etc., and is renowned and named after its highlight wildlife that is the Clouded Leopard. Presbytis or Spectacled Langur which is an endemic species of Tripura is found here in abundance along with other mammals such as Wild Pugs, Barking deer, Jungle Fowl, etc. The park premises has a zoo, lake, a Botanical Garden apart from the breathtaking visuals of the park that attracts a horde of travelers and wildlife enthusiasts throughout the year from all over the country. The view of lofty mountains in its background adds to the pristine beauty of the park and perfectly contrasts with the green of the parking area.

A trip to Tripura cannot be said complete without visiting this marvelous place full of adventure and beautiful beings. The park can be explored by jungle safaris or guided walking tours to witness the wildlife from up close. The breathtaking surroundings, the sound of the birds’ chirpings and humming, and occasional sounds made by the wild creatures make for an adventure treat and an experience that never can be forgotten.

Dominant Flora

Agar, Nageshwar, Sal, Garjan, Chamal, Kanak, Kurcha, Pichla, Awla, Bahera, Amlaki, Hargaja, Bamboo, etc.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: Leopard, Jungle Fowl, Barking Deer, Clouded Leopard, Wild Pig, Civets, Langur, Rhesus Macaque, Capped Langur, Pigtailed Macaque, Slow Lories, Hoolock Gibbon, etc.

Birds: Whistling Teal, Open Billed Stork, White Ibis, etc.

Climatic Conditions

The region experiences a temperate weather throughout the year except for the two summer months that are March and April when the weather is a bit humid. The average annual rainfall in the state of 2024mm and the maximum amount of rainfall is received in July and September.

The ideal time to visit Clouded Leopard National Park is between the months of November to May as the weather is pleasant during this time and chances of downpour are less.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The closest railhead is Kumarghat railway station, about 160km from the national park. Taxis and buses are available from the station which is well-connected by roads to the park.

Nearest Airport: Nearest airport from the park is Agartala airport at a distance of 35km away. The airport is well-connected by a road network to the park and cabs are available from the airport to take you to your destinations.

Road Accessibility : Clouded Leopard National Park can be approached by road through public or privately operated vehicles. West Tripura is well-connected to all the major cities and places from Tripura by road.

Other Attractions

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