Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary

Ngengpui Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary in Mizoram, located near the Indo-Myanmar and Indo-Bangladesh border. The sanctuary Covers an area of 110 kilometre square and situated at an altitude which ranges from 200 metres to 1200 metres. The wildlife sanctuary is a habitat for 70 species of Herpeto Fauna.

Dominant Flora

The sanctuary is home to Bamboo and flowering plants like orchids.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: Elephant, Gaur/Indian bison, Tiger, Leopard, Clouded leopard, Golden cat, Leopard cat, Jungle cat, Himalayan black bear, Malayan sun bear, Sambar, Barking deer, Wild boar, etc.

Birds: Bhutan peacock-pheasant, White cheeked patriged, Assam or Mountain bamboo patridge, Great Indian hornbill, Hornbills, Pied hornbill, Imperial pegion, etc.

Best Time to visit

The ideal time to explore the sanctuary is during the months of October to April. During this time, the weather remains pleasant.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The nearest railhead is Silchar Railway Station.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Lengpui Airport, located in Aizawl. The airport is well connected to other cities.

Road Accessibility : The sanctuary is easily accessible by road from the city of Aizawl which is about 128 km away.

Other Attractions

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