parambikulam Tiger Reserve

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a protected area, located in Palakkad district and Thrissur district of Kerala state. It includes the erstwhile Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, declared as part of the reserve on 19 February 2010, occupying a total area of 643.66 kilometre square. The reserve is home to four different tribes of indigenous peoples including the Kadar, Malasar, Muduvar and Mala Malasar settled in six colonies. It is among the top-ten best managed Tiger Reserve in India. It is also known to have remnants of the Cochin State Forest Tramway, which was used to ship wood from the Parambikulam forests to the nearby harbor at Kochi, and from there to different locations of the world. Post monsoon is the time to be considered as the ideal time to visit the place.

Dominant Flora

The vegetation of the tiger reserve consists of a variety of trees mainly teak, neem, sandalwood and rosewood.

Dominant Fauna

Mammals: lion-tailed macaques, Nilgiri tahr, elephants, Bengal tigers, Indian leopards, wild boar, sambar, bonnet macaques, Nilgiri langurs, sloth bears, Nilgiri marten small Travancore flying squirrel, gaur.

Birds: Lesser adjutant stork, grey-headed fish-eagle Peninsular bay owl, broad-billed roller and great pied hornbill. Other birds include: darter, little cormorant, black eagle, black-capped kingfisher, great Indian hornbill, black woodpecker.

Reptiles: king cobra, Kerala shieldtail, Travancore kukri snake, Travancore wolf snake, Cochin cane turtle, Travancore tortoise, Indian day gecko, Western Ghats flying lizard, Indian rock python, Malabar pit viper, Travancore tortoise, South Indian forest ground gecko, South Indian rock lizard, mountain skink, mugger crocodile, varanus, pond terrapin, chameleon.

Best time to visit

Post monsoon is the time to be considered as the ideal time to visit the place. The temperature starts falling that highly favours wildlife spotting and other activities in the reserve.

How to Reach

Nearest Train Station: The nearest railhead is Coimbatore railway station, located at a distance of 96 kilometres from the reserve.

Nearest Airport: The nearest airport is Coimbatore Airport, located at a distance of 110 kilometres from the reserve.

Road Accessibility : Regular buses or local taxis can be availed from the nearest town Pollachi to reach the reserve.

Other Attractions

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