Also known as the ''Gateway of North East'', the state of Assam receives a footfall of nature lovers and leisure travelers and Guwahati is among the top places to spend some time in the lap of nature. Nestled between the mighty ranges of the Himalayas, Guwahati is not only a traveler spot in itself but a link point to several other northeastern destinations. Be a nature fanatic or an adventure enthusiast, Guwahati has something for every kind of traveler and the Tegheria Waterfalls is one such breathtaking place grabbing the attention and winning hearts.

Get Close to Nature in Tegheria Waterfalls

The stunning and picturesque Tegheria Falls enveloped by high rocky cliffs and lush greenery is a pleasure for nature enthusiasts and shutterbugs. Located in Tegheria village at a distance of 59km from Guwahati, Assam, the waterfall is a popular attraction in the region not just for its beauty but for the picnic spots the area offers. Though the waterfall is not hugely big or wide, the several small streams gushing down the cliffs make a spectacular sight and a natural pool below the fall. There is a small trek comprising big boulders and rocks one must do to reach the waterfall which enhances the overall experience of this visit. Not just the waterfall, Tegheria is famous for its scenic beauty and thus, is one of the hotspots for picnics and fun outings. Locals and tourists flock here to admire the bounty of nature while sitting under the tall trees or preparing meals beside the stream to make their day memorable. The incredible natural beauty of this picnic spot attracts numerous locals and tourists which compelled the Gaon Panchayat along with the Soil Conservation Department to execute some development projects to promote the tourism of this picnic spot.

Activities to Do in Tegheria Waterfall

Take a Refreshing Dip: The cool water sloshing down the hills is a tempting invitation to take a dip and enjoy the fall.

Enjoy a picnic: Tegheria waterfall is mostly known for its breathtaking views and is an excellent place to enjoy picnics. The vast and lush green land consisting of tall oak trees, dense bushes, and a shallow stream of water is a desirable location to spread your mat and relish in its beauty.

Savor the delicacies: The Tegheria picnic spot has a couple of stalls that provide snacks and tea to the visitors. You can either take your utensils and equipment to prepare your meal in the open or you can buy some snacks from those stalls after exploring the entire area.

Photography: The breathtaking view of the lush green surroundings gets amplified during the sunsets which entice the shutterbugs and anyone visiting the spot to take out their cameras and capture the stunning panorama.

How to Reach Tegheria Waterfall

From Guwahati, Tegheria village is at a distance of 59km and can be reached via a bus or from a private vehicle in about 1hour 50min. The ride from the main city to the village is serene and beautiful and local buses are available at different intervals of time to take you to Tegheria village which costs about Rs70 per person. From the village, you will have to walk a little if you have come from a bus. The road is well maintained and there is a lot of space for parking as well.

So, if you are in Guwahati and looking for some peace and solace from the hustle-bustle of everyday life, your next stop must be Tegheria Waterfall and picnic spot. Just sitting and listening to the melodious sound of the flowing water will soothe your mind or you can sit with your friends or family on the picnic ground to create some beautiful memories.

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