Navsari, Gujarat

Navsari is the ninth largest city in India's Gujarat state. Navsari is located between Surat and Mumbai . Surat's twin city is Navsari.

Places to visit

  • Dandi Beach : Every Indian understands the significance of Dandi in paving the way for India's independence from the British. The beach is a lovely spot where you may sit by the water's edge, build sandcastles, take a stroll down the beachfront, or have some fun in the water (safely). It got its name from its proximity to Dandi village, where Mahatma Gandhi launched the renowned non-cooperation movement against our British masters. This location not only serves as a significant history lesson in India's past, but it is also a great site to spend a day with your family and have a picnic, play beach volleyball, frisbee, or do anything else.
  • Distance: Dandi Beach is 24 kilometres away from Navsari

  • Unai Mata Temple : According to Hindu mythology, this is a particularly fortunate temple located in the town of Unai and famous for its naturally occurring hot water springs, or Kunds. It is stated that once upon a time, Lord Ram summoned a large number of Brahmins to perform Yagna here. But, there was no hot water supply, so to meet this specific desire of the Brahmins, Lord Ram launched an arrow and collected hot water from the holy river Ganga, which is close to this temple. UsharAmbaji is the presiding deity here, and he is supposed to have been established by Lord Ram's consort Sita Mata.
  • Distance: Unai Mata Templeis 51 kilometres away from Navsari

  • Desai Atash Bahram : This temple was established in 1765 and is known for being the second oldest fire temple in India. It is regarded as one of the oldest yet well-maintained temples in Gujarat . Throughout the year, worshippers flock to the site, and there is seldom a period when it is fully empty. The story of the sacred fire known as Iran Shah was housed in this location for approximately 200 years before being relocated to Udvada. It is one of the world's nine Zoroastrian temples that house the holy fire of triumph. The fire is ritualistically cleaned before being kindled within the temple, which is only accessible to the Parsi community.
  • Distance: Desai Atash Bahramis 66 kilometres away from Navsari

How to Reach

  • By Air-Navsari is not well connected by regular flights to other main cities in the country. Surat has the nearest airport, which is 28 kilometers away.
  • By Train-There are no frequent trains from other major cities in the country to Navsari. Surat, which is 28 kilometers away, has the nearest railway station.

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