Nirmali, Bihar

Nirmali is a city and notified area in the Indian state of Bihar's Supaul district.The town was well-known for its huge rice cultivation.It is surrounded by the Ring Dam and close to the Kosi and Balaan rivers.

Places to visit

  • Kosi River : The Kosi River is another interesting spot to explore. It is a transnational river that runs across Bihar and Nepal. It is said to have seven tributaries. Several ridges surround the river basin. It divides the YarlungTsangpo River in the north, the Gandaki River in the west, and the Mahananda River in the east. The Kosi River's course has shifted during the previous 250 years. Because of the heavy silt, it is unstable. There are two tributaries to this river. Fishing is a significant industry on the river. It's a great spot to visit.
  • Distance: Kosi River is 30 kilometres away from Nirmali

  • Dharhara Temple : BhimashankarMahadevNamak Dev Sthal is located in Ganpatganj'sDharhara village, 35 kilometers north-east of Supaul district headquarters and 7 kilometers south of Raghopur railway station. It is called as Dharahara Temple since it is located in Dharharavillage.This shrine is surrounded by many historical legends. This temple is reported to have been built during the Mahabharata period. Bhimsen, the Pandava son, is said to have resided at Biratnagar, Nepal, during the Pandavas' exile and adored the lovely Lord Shiva. The temple was renamed BhimashankarMahadev after that, and it was refurbished in 1930 A.D.
  • Distance: Dharhara Temple is 93 kilometres away from Nirmali

  • VaradarajaPerumalDevasthanam : Ganpatganj's Vishnu Temple is well-known throughout the country for its distinctive architecture. This temple's architecture is similar to that of the Kancheepuram temple in Chennai. This temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu, is famed across the world for its splendor. Thousands of worshippers flock here to pray.
  • Distance: Vishnu Temple is 61 kilometres away from Nirmali

How to Reach

  • Airports in the vicinity of Nirmali Airport of Bagdogra 183 kilometers away Nirmali railway stations Saraygarh Bihar,Supaul,Raghopur are 6 kilometers away. Nirmali Bihar, Supaul, Nirmali 17 KM close.Madhepura, Dauram Bihar, Madhepura,Madhepura is only 55 kilometers away.Bathnaha Bihar, Araria, Forbesganj is 57 kilometers away.

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