Pachmarhi is a hill station in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is situated at a height of 1067 m in a valley in Satpura Range, and is also known as “Satpura ki Rani” (translating to “Queen of Satpura Hills”), having many waterfalls and an abundance of greenery.


Pachmarhi has many attractions (especially natural ones) which are a must see, such as:

  • Jata Shankar Caves
  • Bee Falls
  • Dhoopgarh - highest point in Satpura range
  • Pandava Caves
  • Mahadeo Hill – a hill in the area famous for a shrine of Lord Shiva
  • Handi Khoh – a beautiful ravine
  • Satpura National Park
  • Duchess Falls
  • Chauragarh Temple – A shiva temple located on the hills; to reach this, people need to climb 1300 steps!


Best museum to visit in the city is:

  • Bison Lodge – Used by Captain Forsyth, a British soldier in the late 1850s; now this is turned into a lodge and museum that showcases its fascinating history.


Most Hindu festivals are celebrated by the people of Pachmarhi, apart from a couple of its own festivals. Some of the popular festivals of the city include:

  • Pachmarhi Utsava – This is exclusive to Pachmarhi; a six-day festival celebrated in the final week of every year; usually beginning from December 25 and ending after New Year’s Day.
  • Holi – Festival of colors (celebrated in the month of March every year).
  • Dussehra – This is a popular 10-day Hindu festival celebrated all across India – the 10th day is called Dussehra and the previous nine days are celebrated as Navaratri; the effigy of demon Raavana is burnt on the day to Dussehra (symbolizing the destruction of evil).
  • Diwali – The festival of lights; celebrated in October or November each year.


Pachmarhi has an interesting shopping scene – with shops selling amazing agricultural implements, hunting materials, Ayurvedic (a medical system that originated in India having some interesting healing techniques and cures) products, bamboo products and some pretty handicrafts such as Bastar metal crafts (figurines and artefacts made using an ancient form of brass wax casting). Some great shopping spots to check out in the city are:

  • Naya Bazaar Pachmarhi Chhavni
  • Cantt New Market
  • Ishaan Traders
  • Ayurvedic Shops
  • Mandeep Emporium
  • Mriganayanee Emporium
  • Sardar Enterprises


Pachmarhi has various local delicacies, most of which are popular across the state of Madhya Pradesh. Some of the must-try foods here include:

  • Dal Bafla – Wheat balls cooked in ghee, and served with a bowl of lentil stew and some green coriander chutney.
  • Khoya Jalebi – A spiral shaped sweet made of flour and grated khoya, deep fried in ghee/oil and dipped in saffron flavoured sugar syrup.
  • Bhutte ka Kees – A stew of grated corn cooked in skimmed milk and spices.
  • Khopra Paak – A fudge/sweet made of coconuts and milk solids (Khoya/Mawa) and flavored with cardamom and saffron.


Apart from local foods, Pachmarhi also has various restaurants serving delicious foods from cuisines across India and the world. Here are some good restaurants to check out in the town:

  • Green Park Restaurant
  • The Arks Point
  • Rasoi Dhaba
  • Jalaram Bhojanalaya
  • China Bowl (great Chinese and Indo Chinese food)
  • Nandanvan Restaurant
  • Beta Bawarchi
  • Hotel Gharib Nawaz


Following are some good hotels to stay in Pachmarhi:

  • WelcomHeritage Golf View Hotel
  • AM Hotel Kollection: The Summer House
  • Hotel Highlands
  • MPT Glen View
  • MPT Devdaru Bungalow
  • Hotel Misty Windows
  • Pandav Retreat
  • Ark residency: Cyber Tatva
  • Nilambar Cottages


  • Pachmarhi STD Code – 07578 (to be used before dialling numbers from a device that is not locally registered)
  • Police – 100
  • Fire – 101
  • Ambulance – 102, 108
  • Railway Helpline – 1512, 139
  • Blood bank Information – 1910


Hindi is the official language in Pachmarhi.


  • Welcome - Svagat
  • How are you? - Aap kaise hai?
  • What's your name? - Aapka naam kya hai?
  • I don't know - Mujhe nahi pata
  • I don't understand - Mein samjha nahi
  • Thank you - Dhanyavad

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