In the Narasapuram revenue division of the West Godavari district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, India's Palakollu city is situated between National Highways 165 and 216. It is bounded on the west by the Krishna region, on the east by the East Godai region, on the south by the Bay of Bengal, and on the north by the Telangana province. It is the location of Ksheerarama, one of the magnificent PancharamaKshetras. Kshiraramam, Kshirapuram, Palakolanu, or Upamanyapuram were the original names for Palakol or Palakollu.

Places to visit

  • Rushikonda beach : Golden beaches and orderly Bay of Bengal waves characterize Rushikonda Beach, which is well renowned for them. Rushikonda beach, which is surrounded by lush vegetation, exudes perfection and draws a lot of nature enthusiasts. Rushikonda Beach's large body of water makes it the ideal location for participating in water sports including swimming, water skiing, and wind surfing. Rushikonda Beach is without a doubt among the top beaches in Vizag and is renowned as one of South India's undeveloped beaches. This beach is frequented in the evening by outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers who are spending some lovely moments while taking in the picturesque beach scenery and the cool wind .
  • Distance: Rushikonda beach is 54 kilometres away from Palakollu

  • Tribal Museum Araku : In 1996, the Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation established this museum. There are 19 tribes in the region around Araku Valley. The museum's mission is to increase public understanding of tribal culture and way of life. Although it is not a historical site, the Araku Tribal Museum does offer details about the tribes that still call this region home. Mud and genuine metals are used to illustrate tribal life in the Araku Tribal Museum, which is split into two levels. Starting with a kitchen that includes iron and mud utensils, the museum is set up to depict tribal life in motion. An intriguing collection of ten pictures at the entryway shows a tribal wedding ritual. Mud walls covered in tribal artwork and drawings make up the passages that connect the museum's many parts. The Tribal Museum's section on the regional tribal dances Mayur and Dhimsa is its most stunning .
  • Distance: Tribal Museum Araku is 87 kilometres away from Palakollu

  • Sunnapugedda Waterfalls: For tourists looking for outdoor adventure in a natural setting, one of the most stunning tourist destinations With lush, verdant paddy fields and woodlands all around Falling Waters at Sunnapugedda.The waterfall is a sight to behold since it provides a breathtaking vista, especially during monsoon season. The woodland that surrounds the waterfall is abundant with local vegetation and fauna.
  • Distance: Sunnapugedda Waterfallsis 97 kilometres away from Palakollu

How to Reach

  • By plane Vijayawada, which is less than two hours distant by bus, may be reached via flights from Rajahmundry Airport in Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore. By train Rajahmundry Station has a large selection of long-distance trains that may take you anywhere in the nation, and Palakollu Station also has a railway that has an overnight stop for every train that passes through.

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