Piro, Bihar

Piro is located in the district of Bhojpur in the Indian state of Bihar.

Places to visit

  • Bhojeshwar Temple : The Bhojeshwar Temple is known as the Somnath of the East. The highly carved dome has a spectacular ascent and is supported by four pillars. The two wonderfully sculpted statues that stand on either side of the delicately carved gateway ooze splendour. The lingam stands 7.5 feet tall and has a circumference of 17.8 feet. The architectural beauty of the lingam and the platform, set upon a gigantic platform and formed of three overlaying limestone stones, creates a one-of-a-kind appearance. The temple was never finished, but the earthen ramp that used to raise it to dome level still stands.
  • Distance: Bhojeshwar Temple is 22 kilometres away from Piro

  • Jain Temple : The Jain shrine is located near the Bhojeshwar temple. This templeis similar stone-raising ramp. There are three Trthankara statues, one is a 20-foot-high enormous Mahavira statue, and the other two are Parswanath statues. This temple was most likely built around the same time as the Bhojeshwar temple.
  • Distance: Jain Temple is 41 kilometres away from Piro

  • Cyclopean Dam : Cyclopean Dam There was formerly a large lake west of Bhojpur. The gorgeous historic dam is now in ruins. Except for two openings of 100 yards and 500 yards, the entire area was surrounded by a natural wall of hills. These were closed by massive earthen dams, fronted on both sides with enormous chunks of sandstone. The smaller dam is 44 feet tall and 300 feet thick at the base, while the larger dam is 24 feet tall with a flat top 100 feet wide. These embankments supported a 250-square-mile area of water.
  • Distance: Cyclopean Dam is 72 kilometres away from Piro

How to Reach

  • There are no direct flights. Patna Airport is the nearest airport.92 kilometers from Patna Airport (PAT) to Piro .Gaya Airport (GAY) toPiro, 126 kilometers. Other important railway stations in the district besides Ara include Bihiya, Kulaharia, Banahi, Koelwar, Karisath, Piro, and Garhani, which connect the majority of the district's cities and villages. Arrah District Headquarters is easily accessible by road. This district's cities with road connectivity to larger towns and distant villages are Arrah, Jagdispur, Piro, and Behea.

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