The town of Puttur is located in the Andhra Pradesh state of India's Tirupati district. It is well recognized for a conventional technique for bandaging or splinting bone fractures. In Rachapalem village, close to Puttur in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Puttur Kattu, the art of fixing fractures and dislocations, has been performed since 1881. It draws at least 200–300 patients per day with different types of fractures and dislocations.

Places to visit

  • Ramagiri : Another name for Ramagiri is BhairavaKshethra. Some of the well-known historic temples are located in the tiny settlement. At the bottom of the hill lies a temple devoted to Lord Shiva, while on top of the hill is another well-known temple to Lord Muruga. The tank near to the temple is supposed to have therapeutic qualities. According to legend, the water that cascades from mountaintops contains herbal healing powers.
  • Distance: Ramagiri is 26 kilometres away from Puttur

  • Kalavagunta : The confluence of the rivers Aragonda and Ponnai is where Kalavagunta is locatedThe two well-known temples located here were constructed in the Chola architectural style in the ninth century. Both the building and the carvings are amazing.On the banks of the river Bahuda, the temple was constructed in the ninth century CE by Chola kings.The gopuram at the entryway, the tall mantapas with carved pillars, and the Garbhagriha serve as examples of the Cholas' talent for art and architecture.
  • Distance: Kalavaguntais 60 kilometres away from Puttur

  • Nagari Hills: Nagari, a well-liked tourist destination, is located beside the River Kusasthali. About 855 meters are in height at Nagari Hills. It is infamously known as the "Nagari Nose" because of the way its topmost cliff resembles a human nose. Because it offers a variety of hard treks, mountaineers adore the location. It is common for pilgrims to travel to Nagari because of its numerous well-known temples.
  • Distance: Nagari Hills is 37 kilometres away from puttur.

  • Kailasakona Waterfalls: From the split, water starts to spill out in a jolt. The waterfalls are around 30 meters high and fall into a little lake beneath the stones. The water in this area is crystal clear, impressively mineral-rich, has healing properties, and can heal ailments. It is not permissible for tourists to ascend to the highest point of the falls.
  • Distance: Kailasakona Waterfalls is 13 kilometres away from Puttur

How to Reach

  • One of the state's oldest railroad stations, Puttur Railway Station, serves Puttur. Puttur and Tirupati Airport are separated by a distance of 28 kilometers.Bus services run by both government and private companies can take you to Puttur.

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