In the state of Andhra Pradesh in southeast India, Rajahmundry is a city located on the Godavari River's eastern banks. The enormous ISKCON Temple complex along the river is located there. Hindu devotees take a Godavari bath from the Saraswati and Pushkar ghats in the north of the river (bathing steps). Views of the river are available from the nearby Godavari Bridge. Shiva, a Hindu god, is the subject of the historic Kotilingeshwara Temple.

Places to visit

  • Papi Kondalu Hills: A chain of mountain ranges called Papi Kondalu runs alongside the Godavari River. Because, from an aerial perspective, they resembled a divide a woman might put in her hair, the mountain ranges were given the Telugu term "partition," which means "partition."When it comes to scenic splendour, Papikondalu is an absolute feast for the eyes. Because of the stunning and lush green scenery around the hills, it is frequently likened to Kashmir in terms of attractiveness.
  • Distance: Papi Kondalu Hills is 4.5 kilometres away from Rajahmundry

  • Godavari Bridge : The bridge, also known as Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge, is a significant tourist attraction because it provides beautiful views of the setting sun as it merges with the Godavari River's sparkling water. The bridge, which is regarded as being synonymous with the city's arts and culture, has a road deck over a rail deck with a single track.
  • Distance: Godavari Bridge is 5.5 kilometres away from Rajahmundry.

  • Goutami Ghat: One of Rajahmundry's most popular recreation areas is Goutami Ghat, which also contains the ISKCON Temple, Riverbay Resorts and Water Park, Ayyappa Temple, and Kailash Bhoomi.
  • Distance: Goutami Ghat is4.3 kilometres away from Rajahmundry.

  • Pattiseema: Pattiseema is a picturesque rural hamlet encircled by the Eastern Ghats and the Papikondalu hill range's lush green trees. The village has recently developed tourism potential due to its surreal beauty, stunning environment, and pleasant ambiance. It also draws filmmakers to document the beauty of the place. Tourists looking for solitude and serenity frequent the town, which is bordered by the lovely and sparkling Godavari River. The village is like a green oasis in the middle of city commotion and clamor. The Sri Veerabhadra Temple, a Lord Shiva shrine built on a hillside, is the village's main attraction. The Hindus have great respect for Goddess Bhadrakali, who has a distinct shrine in the temple. There is just one way to reach this shrine, and that is via boat over a gorgeous river.
  • Distance: Pattiseema is 36 kilometres away from Rajahmundry.

  • Iskcon Temple Rajahmundry: Rajahmundry's Iskcon Temple is one of Andhra Pradesh's most well-known temples and a popular destination for tourists. The Iskcon temple in Bangalore is considered to be the largest Iskcon temple in the southern part of India. This prominent temple, which is also known as Gowthami Ghat, is well worth a visit.The International Society for Krishna Consciousness, or Iskcon, has built this temple, which is primarily dedicated to Lord Krishna, spanning two acres of land on the banks of the Godavari River.
  • Distance: Iskcon Temple Rajahmundryis 4.2 kilometres away from Rajahmundry.

How to Reach

  • You can fly to Rajahmundry and then transfer to a service airline from Hyderabad. There are many pre-paid taxis available, and the distance from the airport to the city center is about 12 kilometres. The Howrah-Chennai main coastal train line passes through Rajahmundry. Regulated trains stop here frequently as a result. Between Vishakhapatnam and Vijayawada, Rajahmundry serves as the final halt for all trains. Near the city center is the railroad station. The auto rickshaws are the cheapest forms of transportation. Along with inside the train station, taxis are also accessible outdoors.

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