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Ramdurg is a town located in the Belgaum district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Since Lord Ram is thought to have resided in this area during his exile, the town's name is derived from Rama. The Ramdurg taluka, a division of the Belgaum district, has the name of the town. The Indian state of Karnataka contains the village of Ramdurg in its Belgaum Taluka and Belgaum district. An estimated 363 people will live in Ramdurg in 2022. 318 people were living there as of the 2011 Census. The temperature will range from 26 °C (78.8 °F) at its peak point to 24 °C (75.2 °F) at its lowest point.

Places to visit

  • Ramdurg fort : Best location for picnics, hiking, and adventure- In the Karnataka state's Belgaum district, Ramdurg Town is home to Ramdurg Fort. It is a significant tourist attraction in Ramdurg. From one side of the fort, the River Malaprabha emerges. Only one gate leads into the fort, and Ghotge Palace is close by. The Maharajas own a few municipal office buildings.
  • Belgaum Fort : The Belgaum Fort is located in the Belgaum district, a city in the Indian state of Karnataka. In 1204 AD, Jaya Raya, also known as Bichi Raja, a supporter of the Ratta Dynasty, started it. Under the control of the local dynasties, it has undergone a number of restorations over the years. With beautiful ramparts and a sizable moat, the fort has a long history that includes religious and historical structures that date to the AdilShahi era. The fort has been taken in wars numerous times, and it belonged to local lords until the British Raj stabilised the area. Mahatma Gandhi was held at this fort by the British during the Indian independence movement, making it significant in contemporary history.
  • Shabari Kolla : One of the few shrines honouring Rama's ardent follower Shabari is Shabari Kolla. A rock cleft in a hillside close to Sureban town, Ramdurg Taluka, and Belgaum district houses the temple. Popular picnic spots nearby include Shabari Kolla. Near Sureban village, 3.0 km away, on the way to Ramdurg, it is situated between the mountains. The entire population worships in the temple dedicated to Shabari Mata. There are numerous trees, two lovely ponds, and a temple in this pleasant location. Swimming in ponds was once a popular summer activity for visitors to this location. The main pond is connected to a smaller pond by a bridge.
  • Torgal Fort : In Torgal, a defunct fort The 100-acre Torgal Fort is situated in Ramdurg in the Belagavi district of Karnataka.In addition to being magnificent, Torgal Fort was carefully designed and constructed with attention to every last detail. The fort was impregnable in its prime based on the area and the topography. Around the fort is a sizable moat that is 20 feet deep and 15 feet wide. The fort is flanked on three sides by rocky hills and is constructed out of yellow and red Shahabadi stones. The structure's moat was irrigated with water from the silently flowing River Malaprabha on the opposite side.
  • Perfect time to visit: The ideal time to travel is from October to March.


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How to Reach

  • By Train - You can frequently board a train to Lakhmapur in place of Ramdurg. It is 36 kilometres to Ramdurg.
  • By Air- Hubli Airport is the closest airport. It is 67 kilometres to Ramdurg.

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