Rivilganj, Bihar

In the Saran district of the Indian state of Bihar, Rivilganj is a town and one of the oldest nagar panchayats.

Places to visit

  • Dhorh Ashram : In the north of Parsagarh, at Dhorh Ashram, there are archaeologically significant exhibits that draw a lot of visitors. The historic BhagwanDhadeswar Temple, which is situated on the bank of the GandakiRiver, is the primary draw of Dhorh Ashram. The temple's main attraction is its cosmic stone-set deity, Lord Shiva's lingam.
  • Distance: Dhorh Ashram is 41 kilometres away from Rivilganj

  • Gautam Ashram : The ashram of Gautam Rishi is situated five kilometers from Chapra in GautamAsthan. The wife of the Gautam Rishi was cursed by her husband and changed into a stone, according to Indian mythology.
  • Distance: Gautam Ashram is 4 kilometres away from Rivilganj

  • Chirand : Chirand is situated 11 kilometers south of the district administrative center on the north bank of the Ghaghra River. A Pashua culture that had existed for four thousand years was found during the dig. Residents of Chirand engaged in agriculture, hunting, and animal husbandry. First to display the new pahari era culture was India. Chirand had developed into a sizable metropolitan hub.
  • Distance: Chirand is 24 kilometres away from Rivilganj

  • Ami : Ami is situated 26 kilometres from the Chapra and 4 km from the Dighwara. Near the historic AmbikaSthan Temple in Ami is a garden with a deep and wide well. The garden's unique quality is that it never becomes too dry. Ami is well known for its Durga temples.
  • Distance: Ami is 40 kilometres away from Rivilganj

How to Reach

  • Airports close by to Rivilganj Airport in Patna 53 Kilometresapart. TrainStations That Connect Revelganj GautamsthanBihar, Saran, and Revelganj are 4 KM apart.Samhota Kopa 5 km away from Bihar, Saran, and Revelganj.

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