Rosera, Bihar

On the BudhiGandak River's bank is the settlement of Rosera. In the Indian state of Bihar, it is a municipality in the Samastipur district. There are 48 settlements in the Rosera block. The train and road networks provide excellent access for Rosera to the rest of the nation.

Places to visit

  • Mahaveer Mandir : One of Rosera's most visited religious attractions is the Mahaveer Mandir. It is also known as Manokamna Mandir since it is claimed that after worshiping there to Lord Hanuman, any wish is granted. Lord Hanuman is the object of worship in the temple. The idol is exquisitely ornamented. The chowk is called Mahaveer Chowk because the temple is so well-known. Lord Hanuman is one of Lord Rama's devotees.
  • Distance: Mahaveer Mandir is 41kilometres away from Rosera

  • KhudneshwarAsthan : A Hindu temple to Lord Shiva called KhudneshwarAsthan is situated 17 kilometers southwest of Samastipur, the district's administrative center. Khudni, a Muslim woman who found the Lingam here and converted to Lord Shiva, is the source of the temple's name. One yard to the south of the Lingam, her mortal remains were interred beneath the same temple roof. The Narhan estate built this temple in 1858 during the British Empire and hired a priest to serve as the caretaker. All throughout the year, devotees swarm there, but especially during MahaShivratri and the month of Shravan, when throngs congregate for darshan and worship.
  • Distance: KhudneshwarAsthan 47 kilometres away from Rosera

  • Thana Mandir : The architecture of this temple honoring the goddess Durga is renowned.It is surrounded by stunning scenery. The building has Mauryan-style architecture. Many worshippers come to this temple from various locations to pay their respects.
  • Distance: Thana Mandir 2 kilometres away from Rosera

  • Shiv Shrine : The principal temple of Lord Shiva, it is located in the center of the city. It is dedicated to the Lord Shiva idol. Due to the existence of Lord Shiva's temple in Rosera, Shivratri is widely observed.
  • Distance: Shiv Shrine is 39 kilometres away from Rosera

How to Reach

  • By Air-The closest airport to Rosera is LokNayakJayaprakash Narayan Airport in Khojpura, Patna (126 km).
  • By train-On the East Central Railway network, RoseraGhat Railway Station is a wide gauge railroad station.

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