Sahebganj, Bihar

Sahebganj is a subdivision of the Muzaffarpur district in the Indian state of Bihar.

Places to visit

  • Rajkhand : Rajkhand in Muzaffarpur is a wonderful site to visit and is most known for being the location of the renowned BhairavNath Temple. The commotion of the city is 37 miles away from this settlement, which is well known for its annual livestock fair. You'll need to travel there during Mahashivratri month if you want to see the celebration.A lot of devotees will be present if you go during the event. An excellent venue to discover Muzaffarpur's customs and culture is at the fair.
  • Distance: Rajkhand is81 kilometres away from Sahebganj

  • Jubba Sahni Park : Jubba Sahni Park is a wonderful spot to spend time with friends and family. Tourists and locals alike frequent the park, which is adorned with trees, plants, and tall lamps. You will have a terrific time if you have children. Most folks choose to have a great picnic with their friends and family over there. You can go there after sunset if you can't handle the heat.
  • Distance: Jubba Sahni Park is 58 kilometres away from Sahebganj

  • Shri Ram Temple : Shri Ram Temple in Muzaffarpur is not only a religiously significant temple, but it also boasts a wonderful architectural design. The temple is one of nine great temples in India called as "Navratna" temples. The temple is being maintained by the Sahu family, but it was initially built and created by talented Rajasthanipainters.When you visit the temple complex, you can see temples dedicated to Lord Ram, Mata Janaki, and Lord Shiva. In fact, the Mahadev temple houses the complex's third-largest Shivling. That is why the Hindu community holds this area in such high regard. Several devotees visit almost every day to worship the Hindu deities.
  • Distance: Shri Ram Templeis 33 kilometres away from Sahebganj

How to Reach

  • Regular flights do not connect Sahebganj to other major cities in the country. The nearest airport is located 101 kilometers away in Patna. Regular trains run regularly from Muzaffarpur to Sahebganj.

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