The Vizianagaram district's Salur, also written Saluru, is a town on the banks of the Vegavathi River. Salur lies close to the state boundary of Odisha and is surrounded by mountain ranges.

Places to visit

  • Bobbili : Pedda-Puli, which translate to "the giant tiger," was the town's original name, honoring Sher Muhammad Khan, the Nawab of Srikakulam. In appreciation for his assistance during his southern expedition, he had given it to the Maharaja of Venkatgiri as a gift. The town's names evolved over time to become "Pebbuli," "Bebbuli," and eventually "Bobbili." One of the most significant occasions in the history of Andhra Pradesh was the Battle of Bobbili, which was fought in 1757 by the Vizianagaram Kings with the aid of the French General Marquis de Bussy. The glory of Bobbili's unfailing gallantry is a result of this conflict. Aside from this conflict, the town is renowned for the Venugopala Swami Temple and the Fort of Bobbili. The village is well-known for creating Veenas and the distinctive Bobbili VeenaSampradayam playing style, which was created over a period of three centuries.
  • Distance: Bobbili is 21 kilometres away from salur

  • Ananthagiri Water Falls : The dense jungles, verdant coffee farms, undulating hills, deep ravines, and gushing waterfalls will astound tourists. Take in the breathtaking sunrise and sunset and lose yourself in nature's all-pervading splendour. The main road that connects the Araku Valley and Ananthagiri Town is located between one and two kilometers away from the waterfall. In 20 minutes, visitors can walk from the main road to the waterfalls. After the monsoon season is the ideal time to see Ananthagiri Waterfalls. Rain-filled streams are flowing vigorously and offering a breathtaking view. Additionally, tourists like wintertime visits to the location.
  • Distance: Ananthagiri Water Falls is 69 kilometres away from Salur

  • River Vedavathi: Before joining the Tungabhadra River, the Vedavathi River rises in the Western Ghats and passes through the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The Veda and Avathi rivers originate in the eastern portion of the Sahyadri Hill range, run eastward, and then unite to form the Vedavathi River close to Pura.Locals refer to it as "Punya Bhumi," or "Sacred Land."
  • Distance: River Vedavathi is 37 kilometres away from Salur

  • Kumili: About ten years ago, a local devotee founded these temples. Each temple is embellished with deities, murals, and elaborately carved sculptures. The complex contains temples honoring Lord Ganapathi, Navagrahalu, Kalika Devi, Satyanarayana Swamy, and Satyanarayana Swamy. Additionally, devotees can locate temples for Lords Seetharamaswamy, Lord VenuGopalaswamy, Lord Subramanyeswara, and Anjaneya Swamy.
  • Distance: Kumili is 71 kilometres away from Salur.

  • Saripalli: Saripalli, a small village in the Nellimarlamandal, is located on the banks of the Champavathi River. The DibbiLingeswara Swami Temple, a stunning temple that was allegedly constructed during the Chalukya era, is the main reason the village is well-known.
  • Distance: Saripalli is 68 kilometres away from salur

How to Reach

  • Salur is easily accessible from Visakhapatnam via daily rail and bus services as well as by bus from adjacent cities and towns.The distance between Salur and Vizianagaram Railway Station is 58 kilometers.The closest airport is in Visakhapatnam, 120 kilometers from Salur.

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