Sasaram, Bihar

Sasaram, also called Sahasram, is an ancient historical city and municipal corporation region in the Rohtas district of Bihar state in eastern India, having a history dating back thousands of years.

Places to visit

  • Sher Shah Suri Tomb : The Sher Shah Suri Tomb, located in the Bihar area of Sasaram, is one of India's most spectacular tombs. It is a colossal monument created in honor of the late emperor Sher Shah Suri and is known as India's "second Taj Mahal."The mausoleum was constructed between 1540 and 1545, and it has been brilliantly preserved to this day. It is a beautiful example of Indo-Islamic architecture, built of red stone with intricate carvings on the façade. The beautiful domes, arches, pillars, minarets, chhatris, and other architectural features adorn the 122-foot-tall mausoleum.
  • Distance: Sher Shah Suri Tomb is 700 metre away from sasaram

  • Maa Tara Chandi Temple : Maa Tara is located near Sasaram in a natural cave on the Kaimur hill in the Vindhya mountain range. The twelfth-century Kharwar dynasty emperor, MahanayakPratapDhavaldev, has a big inscription written by his son Shatrudhan adjacent to the goddess statue. Maa Tara's idol has four hands, precisely as Mother Tara's figure is described in Tantras and iconography. The left hand is holding a hood and a lotus, while the right hand is holding a knife and scissors. The left foot is looking forward on top of the corpse.With a lambodar and indigo complexion, he is short and stocky. Tiger skin has been used to cover the cut. The incomplete Agni figure outside, as well as the statues of Maa Tara and Surya inside the Maa Tara temple complex, date from the late Gupta or later Gupta eras. The presence of an inscription here by the Kharwar ruler suggests that Tarachandi Devi's popularity was already well recognized at the time.
  • Distance: Maa Tara Chandi Temple is 7.6 kilometres away from sasaram

  • Rohtasgarh Fort : Sasaram, the biggest city, lies 39 kilometers from Rohtasgarh Fort. The fort was built in remembrance of Raja Harish Chandra's son. The Fort was one of the most visible and powerful forts on the hills. The fort is spread out across 4 kilometers from east to west in the mountains. Raja Man Singh, the Mughal governor of Bengal and Bihar, later used the fort as his administrative hub. The fort was said to have multiple concealed passages through which the royal people could flee if necessary.The Rohtas fort is a magnificent illustration of medieval architecture. One of India's once largest and most powerful forts is now in ruins. A Rajputana-style Ganesh mandir has been erected inside the fort. According to history, the Mandir was constructed during the reign of Man Singh.
  • Distance: Rohtasgarh Fort is 70 kilometres away from Sasaram

How to Reach

  • Sasaram is 97.4 kilometers from Gaya, the place with the closest airport. Sasaram Railway Station, which is 100 kilometers from Varanasi, is the railroad station that is closest to Sasaram. The city is regularly connected to other cities in the state by both public and private bus services.

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