Siwan, Bihar

Siwan is a city in Bihar, India, having various popular tourist attractions. This location has significant historical and spiritual significance. Tourists are invited to visit. Amarpur is a village located three kilometers west of Darauli. In this parish, there are still visible fragments of a mosque built of red bricks on the basin of the River Ghaghara.

Places to visit

  • Darauli : Darauli was previously known as Daras Ali before being granted the name Darauli. It is thought to have been named after the oldest child of Mughal ruler Shahjahan, Dara Shikoh. The site's remnants provide a lasting image of Mughal ideas. A major fair is conducted during KartikPoornima in November or December.
  • Distance: Darauli is 34kilometres away from Siwan

  • LakriDargah : LakriDargah is a significant place of spiritual awareness for Muslims. The parish receives its name from the beautiful carpentry discovered in the catacomb of the Islamic saint Shah Arjan. According to legend, the saint built a spiritual foundation here after being captivated in the peacefulness of the location. Every year, a large crowd gathers to commemorate the saint's death.
  • Distance: LakriDargah is 17 kilometres away from Siwan

  • Amarpur : Amarpur parish is located approximately 3 kilometers from Darauli. Amarpur is a little hamlet famous for a mosque that was built in the course of Emperor Shahjahan's command; however the edifice was left incomplete. The parish was named after the forename of the mosque's creator, Naib Amar Singh. The mosque is currently in ruins, with remains visible in the Ghaghara River basin.
  • Distance: Amarpur is 42 kilometres away from Siwan

How to Reach

  • By Air- The closest airport is LokNayakJayaprakash Airport in Patna, about 140 kilometers from the city. To travel to the destination, one can take a taxi or public transit from the airport.
  • By Road-Siwan has an extensive road network that connects the city to key cities around Bihar.
  • By Train-Siwan is the main railhead, with connections to major cities around India. It links the city to both the north and south of the country. One can take a cab from the station or use public transportation to their destination.

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