Sonepur, Bihar

Sonepur is one of Bihar's major cities; hence it plays an essential role in tourism. It is not only naturally endowed but also culturally rich. This makes it a year-round destination for anybody who is intrigued. Though seeing the city in March, April, and October to December is wonderful.

Places to visit

  • Sonepur Cattle Fair : The Sonepur Cattle Market, Asia's largest cattle fair, is a spectacular sight to behold. It is also one of the key draws for small traders in India, and it is important for being one of the oldest fairs in India. On KartikPoornima, a cattle fair is held. There are various decorated elephants for sale, as well as horses and other domestic animal breeds.
  • Distance: Sonepur Cattle Fair is1.1 kilometres away from sonepur

  • Saraswati Temple : It is recognized as Subarnapur's earliest Shakti shrine, where an icon of goddess Sureshwari was installed after she killed Kshatriyas. The temple was built by King Achal Singh of the Chauhan dynasty, and the face of the deity faces north.
  • Distance: Saraswati Temple is 88 kilometres away from sonepur

  • Hariharnath : The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and it is said that Lord Rama built it during his journey to Janakpur. On the full moon night in the month of Kartik, a huge number of tourists visit the temple.
  • Distance: Hariharnath is 2 kilometres away from sonepur

How to Reach

  • By Air-Sonepur does not have an airport of its own. Jay Prakash Narayan Airport, also known as Patna Airport, is located 25 kilometers from Sonepur. The airport is one of Bihar's major airports.
  • By Road-Sonepur's roadways connect to nearby cities in the region. If you are driving from Delhi to Sonepur, you should take National Highway 27, also known as the Agra-Lucknow Expressway.
  • By train-Sonpur Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station. The station is well-connected to nearby cities as well as other cities in India. Hajipur Railway Station is another nearby station that connects Sonepur, Muzaffarpur, Chhapra, Patna, and Barauni.

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