The city of Srikakulam is located in the Andhra Pradesh state of India. Important rivers in the area are the Champavathi, Bahuda, Nagavali, Vamsadhara, and Bahuda, which continuously supply this metropolis with water.. This serene area receives a significant amount of rain during the annual monsoon, which typically lasts from July to October. Srikakulam has a wide range of plants and wildlife and is extremely rich in biodiversity. The immaculate arena, which is a natural habitat for foxes, wild cats, dogs, and jackals among other animals, is adorned with sal trees and hills Savannahs.

Places to visit

  • Arasavalli : One of the few illustrious and historic Sun Temples still standing in the nation is found there. The construction of the temple was done in such a revolutionary way that the sun rays contact the feet of the idol twice a year, specifically in February and June during the sunrise. Lord Devendra is credited with erecting the current idol of the Sun God in the temple. Devotees see Sundays throughout the five months of the Indian season Magham as exceptionally sacred. Five lord idols that were skillfully carved from a single piece of black granite stone and set in the temple. Arsavilli has excellent train connections throughout the country of India.
  • Distance: Arasavilli is 2.3 kilometres away from srikakulam

  • Kaviti : Sri Sitharamswamy Temple and ChintamaniAmmavaru are the two principal temples in the area. Every moment spent at the shore will fill you with vigor and splendor, whether you're lazing on the dunes or strolling past seductive cloisters. Popular foods include cashew nuts, coconut, and jackfruit.
  • Distance: kaviti is 87 kilometres away from srikakulam

  • Kalingapatnam: It is a well-known coastal community that served as a small harbor under the rule of the East India Company. Along with the captivating colonnades, the coast is important since it is here that the River Vamsadhara joins the Bay of Bengal. Here is where the DargaShariff, or "tomb of religious persons," is also located. A Buddhist stupa and a picturesque lighthouse are also present.
  • Distance: kalingapatnam is 27 kilometres away from srikakulam

  • Srikurmam: About 14.5 kilometers separate Srikurmam Village and Srikakulam Town. The Vishnu temple at Srikurmam is a renowned pilgrimage site with cutting-edge architectural design. It consists of a number of inscriptions that were carved between the eleventh and nineteenth centuries AD, depicting the laws of the several dynasties that sought to rule the area. During the Dolostavam festival, the community is heavily besieged by more than 40,000 pilgrims.
  • Distance: srikurmam is 15 kilometres away from srikakulam.

How to Reach

  • Using a plane: Visakhapatnam International Airport (Srikakulam is 117 KM away from Visakhapatnam).on a rail. Srikakulam Road, on the Vizag-to-Bhuvaneshwar Line, is the closest railway station and is located 9 kilometers from Srikakulam City. The closest cities to Srikakulam are Vijayawada (455 km), Bhuvaneshwar (325 km), and Visakhapatnam (117 km).

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