Talaja, Gujarat

Talaja is a town in the district of Bhavnagar in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Places to visit

  • Adinath temple : The Adinath temple, with its thin tower atop the shrine, honors Jainism's first tirthankar, Lord Rishabhdev, who is supposed to have attained enlightenment on this place. Lord Rishabhdev had an ox symbol on his thigh, and his mother Marudeva had 14 dreams before he was born, the first of which was an ox. He was the first to establish the faith, which is why he is also known as 'Adinath'.
  • Distance: Adinath templeis 36 kilometres away from Talaja.

  • Shri vishal Jain museum : This museum, located at the base of Shatrunjaya, includes an excellent collection of antiques, excavated idols from older temples, and ancient writings written on palm leaves. The museum also has exhibits on the history of Jainism and Lord Mahavira's life. The majority of the preceding information is in Gujarati, with some in Hindi and English thrown in for good measure.
  • Distance: Shri vishal Jain museum is 34kilometres away from Talaja.

  • Jambudweep temple : This temple features an amazing display on Jain cosmology, which describes the intricate divisions of the heavens and the earth, as well as one individual's journey through the universe's various stages. There is also a Jain mathematics display for anyone interested in unorthodox methods of thinking, whether a believer or not. It includes unusual units of measurement for height, width, weight, time, and so on. Every day, the temple is open, and there is a free show every evening at 6 p.m.
  • Distance: Jambudweep temple is 36kilometres away from Talaja.

  • Gaurishankar Lake : The Gaurishankar Lake, which borders the Victoria Park in BorTalav, is also known as Bhavnagar Nagar. The Gaurishankar Lake, which joins with its sister stream, Balvatika, was established as a public reservoir in 1872. Together with the Pil Garden, a specialized location for children, the facility also includes a Shaiva temple. The lake is also an excellent location for watching the sunset. Furthermore, it accommodates a variety of regional cultural events and activities. There is also a line of food stalls selling wonderful street cuisine and various regional dishes.
  • Distance: Gaurishankar Lake is 53kilometres away from Talaja.

How to Reach

  • By Air-Bhavnagar Airport is the closest.Talaja is 46 kilometers away.
  • By Train-Palitana, 40 kilometers away, is the nearest railway station.

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