Taoru, Haryana

In the Indian state of Haryana's Nuh district, Taoru, sometimes known as Tauru, is a town close to Nuh City.

Places to visit

  • Kotla and Shiva Temple : The settlement of Kotla, well-known for its historic ruins, is located 7 kilometers away from Nuh. Folklore has it that on their route from Hastinapur during their fourteen-year exile, the Pandavas made a brief stop at this location to worship in the Shiva temple.
  • Distance: Kotla and Shiva Templeis 30 kilometers away from Taoru

  • Temple of Hathor : The Temple of Hathor, which is not far from Sheikh Musa, is thought to date from Egypt's Third Dynasty under Tuthmosis I. Archaeologists discovered several Greek and Demotic papyri in the temple complex.
  • Distance: Temple of Hathoris 13kilometers away from Taoru

  • Sheikh Musa : The Tomb of Sheikh Musa, an exquisite fusion of Rajput and Muslim architectural styles, is known for its trembling minarets. This man-made wonder is also renowned for its clever engineering innovations, such as the fact that shaking one pyramid causes vibrations to be felt in the next one by the shaker. These pyramids continue to draw many of tourists despite the fact that they are in ruins owing to neglect.
  • Distance: Sheikh Musais 14kilometers away from Taoru

  • Heritage Transport Museum : India's top museum dedicated to the history of human transportation is the Heritage Transport Museum. It is situated in Tauru, in the state of Haryana's Gurgaon district. The collection is centered on India's growing transportation industry.The museum was founded thanks to TarunThakral's love of collecting vehicles.
  • Distance: Heritage Transport Museum is 5.5 kilometers away from Taoru

How to Reach

  • By Air-Taoru Area Airports Airport Indira Gandhi International 44 kilometres away.
  • By Train-Train Stations in the Taoru AreaAtta Nagar23 KM near Farrukh Nagar in Haryana, Gurgaon.

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